VCCircle India Limited Partners Summit 2013

Start Date:2013-02-20
End Date:2013-02-21
Event Type:VC Circle Summit

 Finance Professionals

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VCCircle India Limited Partners Summit 2013


Keynote Address I: Insights On The Evolving Global Private Equity Industry & Its Lessons For India

Keynote Address II: Key Macro Factors Governing India's Economic Growth: Strength & Weaknesses

Panel I: Private Equity Investing In India's Growth Story
India continues to remain one the leading and emerging Private Equity markets in the world, with an intact economic growth and emergence of highly attractive companies across various sectors? But many LPs are concerned about over crowding, high valuations, regulations and disappointing returns. How is PE working closely with India's growth story to generate supernormal returns? What is the outlook for the coming 3 years? What defines private equity dealflow today? What are the LP fears and how are they being addressed by GPs today? How has Indian private equity investing changed over the years? How is India attractive vis-a-vis other Asian markets? Do GPs need to consolidate to maintain a high quality private equity fund market?

Keynote Address III: Indian Enterprises Going Stronger: An Investment Destination Not To Be Missed

Panel II: Differentiated Fund Investment Strategies
How are Indian GPs addressing LP concerns on funds not having their own differentiated strategies for investment and portfolio management? What are the different strategies used by Indian PE funds that can generate attractive returns? How wide and diverse is the potential investee companies pool? How are Indian PE funds adding value to their investee companies? How many funds can operate under the each category? What does it take source a high quality deal in India? Can only a select set of fund managers achieve them?

VCCircle LP-GP Lounge
One-to-one interaction for GPs with topmost limited partners in a special structured session, VCCircle Lounge. This is session is limited to select 10 LPs and 10 GPs.

Panel III: Regulatory Changes For Indian PE & The Way Forward
What is the impact of regulations today on Indian PE investment strategies and fund management? How does it compare to regulations in other key markets? How can the regulatory bodies support in the growth and development of this investment class?

Panel IV: Rise Of Venture Capital Investing In India
How have the venture capital investments shaped up over the last 2 years? How are the current portfolio companies doing? What are the emerging sectors that are gaining traction? How to are the portfolio companies generating value on the capital raised? How have the VC funded companies done vis-a-vis their global counterparts? What is the timeline on exits?

Keynote Address IV: Evaluating India Vis-a-vis Other Global Markets For Private Equity:
Challenges & Opportunities

Panel V: Insight Into the Most Attractive Sectors In India Today

Over time India has presented emerging sectors for private equity investing such as infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, cleantech, agriculture, consumer business etc. How have these sectors fared so far for PE investing? Which sectors are best suited for private equity investing - in terms of dealsourcing, investor value add, great exit potential etc.? What sectors will lead high growth PE investing in India in the next 3 years?
Panel VI: Evolving Exit Strategies: What is the road ahead now?
How have the various exit modes in India - IPO, PE secondaries, M&A, buyback - fared over the last 2 years? What is the outlook for private equity exits in the next 2 years?

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