5 must apps. for business users - Android phone

 | July 12,2012 10:54 am IST

Soon after its launch Android phones captured almost half the Indian Smartphone market. Ever exciting applications and interface, Android Phones became a must-have of gadget and smartphone freaks in the country.


From amazing apps. for GenNext to serious stuff for the older ones, Android perfectly matched every requirement of this speed addicted populace.


Here are Five Must Apps. for Business Executives and Android Phone users.

1- Advanced Task Killer (ATK)
This is one of the amazing and efficient app for every business phone which lets the user to do multitasking effectively. While you are making a call, you can simultaneously write notes, edit photos on Photoshop and lots more. Though the free version has its drawbacks, the paid version works perfectly fine.


2- MyBackup Pro
A business phone should be well equipped with a good back up option and this software will help you in doing the same with additional features like- allowing an Android user to back up stuffs in SD slot but also allowing restoring phones lost, upgraded and damaged files to existing or new phone.


3- MightyMeeting
Another very useful app, MightyMeeting acts like a remote control for all the PowerPoint Presentations allowing the user to tag, present and edit presentations directly from your phone in a hassle free way.

4- Google Maps Navigation
One of the sensational applications of all times, this app lets you find your required destination by either voice commanding it or just by entering the landmark or any other imprecise criteria. As per the sources it includes live traffic data, satellite view, street view, and turn-by-turn navigation.


5- Twidroid
Fond of the blue bird? Presenting You Twiroid- a Twitter client for Android.


Though Android is full of more surprisingly remarkable apps while these are just a few to name as per their demand, popularity and efficiency, generally keeping the business requirements in mind. So one just needs to search, install and reap the benefits of this boon.