Have an iPhone? Five Business Apps a User can't do without

 | July 10,2012 10:30 am IST

The only thing constant in the world is change. To keep ourselves synchronized with the ever changing world, we use the hi-tech gadgets like an iphone.

It is a very useful and an advanced device and nowadays most people feel more attached to their smart phones than they do to their computers. For a business user, an iphone is even more significant as it puts numerous resources into one device, thus saves time and money; boosts work performance and ultimately increase productivity.

Apps to an iphone are just like a soul to a body. Lets have a look on few of the indispensable apps for a business user:
1) Documents to Go: Microsoft Office is an inseparable part of business life in the modern times. This splendid app offers Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint editing and creation of the files to the iPhone. The feature supports the user to bring any desirable changes in the presentations s/he is about to deliver.

2) Dropbox: The app allows you to enjoy a secure access to your data saved on designated desktop folder. For a business user on the go, the ability to provide a link via e-mail is extremely important while the facility to view the files can act as a lifesaver. Not only can you download the files from the designated source, the option for upload is also available.

3) Earthcomber: It is specifically a navigation app which helps you search for businesses, friends, etc. based on your current location. It helps you to be informed about the options available within your reach which can be used as an opportunity to initiate some good business/personal communication.

4) Evernote: For those of us constantly looking for information that we know we once knew, it's an essential tool. The app allows you to take notes on any of the three devices: iPhone, Macintosh, Windows and share them with the other two. The standard (free) subscription allows you to upload 25MB of notes each month while a premium subscription upgrades the same to 500MB per month.

5) GeeTasks: The beauty of this app is that lets you to be mentally free of any worries related to tasks. Whether there are any pending tasks, some more on the cards, whatever; the app helps you categorize them well. A more interesting, rather comfortable feature is that even if you are not connected to the Internet, then the app will still allow you to make changes to the tasks on your lists and then sync those changes when you get connected to the Net.

So, just check out your iphones to ensure that you are armed with the above efficient apps which act as a cool avenue to the destination Success! Hope you find them helpful to you and make well use of to attain the insurmountable heights of achievement in life.