SEO and Analytics

Subhashini Tripathi | July 16,2012 09:09 am IST

Why SEO ?
As the world becomes more net-integrated thru smart phones and increased penetration , the economic transactions done on this more secure marketplace is increasing. This is a clear motive to increase traffic to your organisations site relevant traffic which will lead to increased business.

Under Analytics jobs you now have a distinct 5% jobs requiring SEO expertise.

How much is hard-core analytics ? And who are the people who will do well in this space? A mini- research on this throws up terminologies like panda updates, H1 tags, rich snippets etc. And the guy most likely candidate for a job in SEO is a dynamic, I want to know the latest attitude person. There are more than enough tools which create the dashboards and allow the user to be able to view the fields / variables associated with a site. The emphasis is therefore on understanding, on data visualisation for decision making, on learning the new dimensions and learning how to interpret before some of them become redundant. So the percentage of time a website maintenance team will spend on traditional methods of analysis may be low.

However, in the Search Engine Companies, the analytics teams do a lot of off-line data processing which helps them build algorithms and then change the position of the website in their ranking. Panda updates are such cyclical updates that Google does. Jobs with these teams will involve a lot of statistical and traditional methods of analysis. At some point these algorithms will be / are implemented backwards into the search logic but the innovation off-line will continue and this cycle will be un-ending- just like credit card campaign management analytics!! These can lead to dramatic upsets and changes in Ranking of websites on the search engine.

Also, SEO masters always hit upon ways to fool the search logic. Rich Snippets is one such thing. This refers to high (five star) rating thru multiple reviews and customer feedbacks . Sites you may not have heard of may show up a huge list of high ranks given by customers who may be fictitious. The integration of the SEO logic with the Social Media interaction (Facebook , Google Plus , Twitter etc.) is one way to validate Rich Snippets and something which has increasingly become important in the Ranking game.

In the next article, we will talk about some SEO trends that are currently in fashion.

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