8 qualities a person must possess to succeed in a relationship

 | August 06,2012 10:30 am IST

Relationship- the word itself might sound like sweet music to some whereas for others it might send jitters down their spine. So what exactly differentiates between these two breed of people? Well, little things make all the difference.

Now the term relationship is so broad- it may stretch from the ties of kindred to the intimacy of romance to the not-so-romantic relationship with your boss; that it is practically impossible to dwell on the entire spectrum of relationship. So lets just stick to the romantic bit as of now. So what exactly is the mantra for being successful in a relationship?


Well, read on to find out!

Trait 1: Being communicative: Talk to your partner about practically anything and everything ranging from the very intimate of your feelings to the mundane tid-bits of day to day life. The baseline here is to keep the line of communication open no matter what. Distance too cannot pose a barrier these days what with all the technologies around. No matter where you are, your love is just a phone call or a left-click away.

Trait 2: Honesty: Communication should be open as well as honest. Remember that lies cannot be hidden forever and the skeletons in your cupboard are gonna fall out some day. So if you have a Pinnochio hiding somewhere within you, just nip it in the bud. A relationship based on conceit is bound to fail.

Trait 3: Having that emotional connect: A lot of relationships are superficial as though the partners do interact verbally and physically, that emotional connect which is the elixir of a relationship is missing. But well as you might have guessed, unlike the other traits it happens more by chance than by toil. But still, there is no harm in trying.

Trait 4: Work-life balance: It is crucial to the success of a relationship. It happens so often that you are so lost in the labyrinth of your work that you just have no time or inclination to give time to your partner. You might think it as just a temporary situation that will pass but trust me my friend, work never ends and love never stops for your work.

Trait 5: Ability to say sorry: Never consider apology as a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength as it reflects ones ability to admit his/her mistake. Though you might not notice it, but just as the little saplings grow into big trees; so do the little differences that crop up everyday between people give rise to irreconcilable differences. The bottomline is instead of waiting for the other person, be gracious enough to apologise and move on.

Trait 6: The strategist trait: Well, its not actually a business plan we are talking about or the Lokpal bill but even your relationship requires an effective strategy. Now we dont exactly expect you to jump at this last statement and rush to the nearest desk, but a little seriousness is welcome all the same. Unless you analyse what went wrong, how are you gonna rectify it?

Trait 7: Health: So enough of your relationship. Now lets talk about your physical health. While having Supermans physique is welcome; that is not exactly what we mean. What is important is to keep healthy. If you are not physically fit, how are you gonna cope with everything else. As some very great man (and I have a gut feeling it was me in my last birth) once said: Health is wealth.So it is.

Trait 8: Positive outlook: Be positive towards your work, performance, opportunities and your life as a whole and your positive outlook is surely gonna rub onto your partner. Remember that everyone loves a smiling face and it can be achieved only when you have hope throbbing in your heart.

So that is all as of now and if anyone is wondering whether I am out of ink or out of juice then my friend, kindly remember that I am a firm believer in trait 4 and as I write these last lines, I sense my girlfriend giving me some not so friendly glances and my belief in practising what I preach forces me shut down my laptop and finish this little masterpiece of mine.