"Contact Us": Once and Forever

 | August 12,2010 02:32 pm IST

Almost every company's website contains this amazing hyperlink, "Contact Us". But it doesn't promise that the concerned company will revert back to you and respond to your query.

There is really no guarantee for using this link.


For any clarification or query, "Contact Us" seems to be the best solution. Just post your question and the company will get back to you. In fact, I find that the companies these days have become so caring that some of them make you fill a long detailed form with your personal information and what not, just to let you post a single-line query of yours.


And when you somehow manage to fill that form anticipating a quick response from the company, you realize that you have been wrong in your assumptions.


Last week, after shooting a particular query, within no time I received a mail in my inbox and I was overwhelmed. What more could I have expected? But when I opened the mail, to my dismay, I find that it was an automated reply, which said, "Thanks for contacting us, our officers are processing your request and we will get back to you in no time." But after that I received no further communication. It seems they were not able to process my single-line request, hence, thought it better not to respond.


I know, it is not a black hole where your voice disappears unnoticed, but is a special hole, which becomes green and starts chasing you if you are somehow adding to their bottom line; or it becomes black, showing their indifference or low interest in you and your not-so-commercial query.


Some companies give you a second chance. You get a prompt mail that says that the concerned authority to deal with your query is unavailable and that you should contact them later.


So, we should be a little beware of this defective boomerang. The best way is to keep contacting but not expecting them to answer back your silly doubts.


After all "Contact Us" is one of the most frequently used links!!!



Contributed by -
Ankur Poddar,
IMT Ghaziabad.