A brilliant confluence of cultures at IIM Indore

 | October 27,2012 11:28 am IST

The broadcast of the Mahisasuramardini (The Annihilator of the Buffalo Demon) over the All India Radio it rings a bell doesnt it? Yes. This signals only one thing, the Durga Puja is just 5 days away.

Like every year the student community of IIM Indore celebrated the Durga puja over a period of five days, abiding by the Bengali custom. The idol was brought on the day of Panchami, the day before the commencement of the puja. The celebrations started from the following day (mahashashthi) at the Radhakrishna temple area in the campus with the bodhan of the idol, amantran and adhivas, which took place along withthe puja. This was followed by the decoration of the idols.

The following three days had the daily puja followed by the pushpanjali in the afternoon. It was followed by a distribution of the offerings made to the durga maa. The daily sandhyaarati just added to the purity of the surroundings. Other rituals like sandhi puja were also performed and the expertise of the dhunuchi dancers was a treat to watch.

The night of mahanavami featured the navratri celebrations with a dandiya event and a war-of-the-DJs was also on the menu. The students of various academic programs turned up in ethnic wear and danced to the tunes of some popular songs.

Finally, it was time to bid adieu to durga maa. Mahadasami arrived. The girls offered their prayers to durga ma through sindur khela and finally it was time for visarjan. In the afternoon, the students along with some teachers escorted the idols to Choral River, around 35Km from Indore for the immersion. At night, the student community along with the administrative staff gathered at the football ground to experience raavandahan. It was a sight to watch as the effigy of raavan went down in a matter of moments after it was lighted with fire.