A Regular Day at TISS, Mumbai

 | April 05,2010 05:12 pm IST

Class at nine, missing break-fast, and also the first hour of the Industrial Relations class, and then waiting for the 'change of guards', another professor, another subject, another two hours of KT (knowledge transfer). The hourly breaks at 'tapri' with a cuppa, discussing group assignments, college politicking or grapevine anecdotes.

The Financial Control classes, foundation courses of Sociology and Economics of the first semester sees students from the different schools and centers huddle together. The class spilling over into the lunch hour results in long queues, pent-up irritation and harmless surrender, the day a'int over yet! The post lunch at two is quite a bout! Induced sleep clawing against academic attention - the dominant feel is anybody's guess!


Movie screening is an usual activity at the media and cultural studies centre but the time-table seem to run like some multiplex theatre; shuttling between campuses, from Economics to Freud! The guest-lectures, the round-table discussions and workshops are the academic collateral! There are case-study presentations that run through dinner hours and then the various student activities that brainstorm, rather gate-crash into the holy space of thy sleep! The day never ends!!!


First two days of the week is field-work, the TISS way of integrating academia and the corporate, making students feel the weather outside! Learning experience as projects are handled, cases-studies are analyzed, and the work flows into the main stream of corporate governance. Satisfying indeed!

Tuesday are for 'Udaan' meet, the fortnightly news-letter, Thursdays are for getting serious with Place Comm discussions, and GBM (general body meetings, students unions) on Saturdays are some from the activity matrix.

Dinner served at eight, for an hour. The reality shows, the news broad-cast, sport events, or some generic program, the idiot-box at DH (old/new dining hall) is also a nucleus for the evenings around; who would not remember the Euro frenzy late into the night!

The gymkhana sees a lot of foot-falls too. From the ping-pong to the shuttles, to the six packs and muscles, the place is abuzz till the lights-off at nine.

'Walk the talk' post dinner, in groups, in the binary equation (courtesy cupid!), the day has just begun! Lots of catching-up, plans, opinions, emotional riots, hara-kiri... almost the full circle of life! Extrapolating into the near-by coffee joint, the long-off Band-Stand, Marine Drive, a day at TISS has infinite dimensions.


There is randomness, there is sudden planning and execution, there is a happy high; there is a numb feel, maybe at times 'cause of the weather, as nostalgia sets in, but overall, the sinusoid of life runs on high amplitude.

One night stands pre examinations, presentations, assignments see the groups huddle together late in the night, hammering out issues, arguing over ideas, driving towards a common objective, deliverable - it's a wonderful feel, an experience as to how the group dynamics add zing to life!

There is opinion, there is argument, there is a lot of debate, discussion and rebuttal, over lots of issues, but the threads do not get entwined, they do not get damped or lost in democratic dominance.

And then the sudden night-outs - as the night melts into the day, randomness takes over, abstracts lead the way; in the joyous overtone of life, of TISS, the full circle of a day starts again with the promises of infinite scope, with inspiration, aspiration and dreams of a wonder-world.