Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation partners with IIMA students to make Chaos a green event

 | January 13,2011 03:23 pm IST

For the first time, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) will partner Chaos in making this event. Visitors buying passes for the pronites will also be given a pass for a two-time free travel on BRTS buses.

This will be valid for Jan 22nd and Jan 23rd, when a huge crowd is expected to be there on campus for the shows.

Chaos will also be providing buses will be used to ferry outstation event participants from the airports and railway stations. Considering that generally students visit the campus for participation in huge batches, this will help bring down the carbon levels in the city during the event. A batch of 100 students visiting the campus would generally use 35 autos for travel, which will now reduce to a bus or two.

Pranshu Gupta, Secretary, Chaos 2011 said, “To the best of my knowledge, this would be the first time that such an initiative has been taken up by an event of an educational institute. We want to tell everyone that Chaos is not only about entertainment, but also about being socially responsible. More than 50,000 people are expected to congregate on campus and what better way to spread the message.”

A carbon footprint exercise done by Chaos last year revealed that last year 30 tonnes of CO2 emitted last year could be attributed to the event, out of which 40% constituted the local travel by participants visiting the campus. This initiative by Chaos will definitely result in reducing the carbon impact in the city.

Glen D’Silva, Secretary, Media Cell, IIMA said, “We are thankful to the AMC for approving and supporting us in this initiative. We all talk about climate change and the need to do something. This effort by Team Chaos is a small step from the students of IIMA in achieving this. Moreover, seeing the students take the buses for transport might encourage the use of public transport in the city.”