Baptism by Fire: First Steps into a B-school | Life at IIM Kozhikode

 | July 16,2010 11:58 am IST

CAT, B school entrance tests– you came, you saw, you conquered. The hallowed portals of a premier B school now stand waiting.

The glory is yours, but so is the gauntlet. As a PGP student at IIM K, this is my attempt to give an inside view of the lives within these four walls.

Caveat Emptor ~ Expect an opportunity not schooling  As you take your first steps in the college of your dreams…. This is the palpable warning in the air for the buyers of a management education. Walking down the labyrinthine paths that lie ahead, you uncover your own opportunities, take your risks, applaud your victory and admonish your fall; this individualism is something we must learn to treasure for our life ahead. In a B school there are no absolute achievements; achievement is as much a relative component as hyped cgpas.


Paper presentation victories, incredible network of peers, an outlandish cgpa, a love interest, self discovery are all takeaways offered. In this wonderland, you have a choice whether to follow the white rabbit or not but if you do decide to, here are the things to keep in mind: 


Awaken: B schools are a universe of the never-seens, whether you are a quasi-teenager or a 6 year working veteran, this education is an opportunity for you to experience diverse stimuli – the enlightening talks of peers, corporate big wig’s seminars, obscenely difficult case studies, insane night outs, cut throat competition etc. The awakened mind endeavors to learn through all these moments and emerges enlightened and with a fresh

Arouse awareness: You will be confronted with a scarcity of time, and the most convenient way to combat this stress is to confine yourself to allocated tasks, this false sense of complacency of having completed your “daily assignments” can lead to you down a path spiraling abysmally into the depths of narrow perspectives .In these times, the people who can be aware of larger perspectives and the world around them rise a cut above the rest in terms of self-actualization. Awareness is an essential component to blend the theory with the practical; without this amalgam, letters in black and white don’t amount to much learning. Interact with people outside a B school environment, catch up on the news, discuss present day topics, and utilize the library. Do whatever it takes to be
an informed individual.


Act: It’s a highly clichéd advice and yet the one element that separates the “haves” from the “have nots” in this galaxy is the translation of dreams into actions. You now belong to an eclectic mix of people, all brimming with ideas, yet the pressing schedule inhibits quite a few from taking the plunge, in this moment it’s the initiative that counts. Go submit a paper, join a committee or nurture a passion. Let the excitement of discovery drive you above the fear of failure.

When this triad is in place, through the baptism you will be born again …. initiated into the “B school mode of living”.


The glory is yours but so is the gauntlet!!!