CAT 2010 sees highest number of registration in Maharashtra

 | October 28,2010 11:05 am IST

The first day of the online Common Admission Test conducted by the Indian Institute of Management Wednesday went without any technical glitches. The CAT online exam will continue till Nov 24.

This is the second year that CAT exams are being conducted online. Last year, major technical glitches forced over 8,000 students to retake the prestigious examination.


However, with longer operational trials and technical preparedness, the tests are expected to be smooth this year. A practice test paper was also released earlier by Prometric, the US-based IT firm responsible for the online format.


"This year, the number of technical problems faced by test takers were fewer than last year. The support staff at the test venues was better equipped to handle the glitches this time round," Vinayak Kudva, product head at CAT coaching institute IMS, told IANS.


With around two lakh students appearing for the exams this year, Kudva advises students to be prepared to face any kind of technical problems.


"I would recommend students to be mentally prepared for technical glitches and understand that their chances will not get hampered by it," Kudva said.


The tests, to be conducted at 78 centres across 33 cities in a staggered format, will conclude Nov 24. A total of 204,267 candidates have registered for CAT 2010, with the highest number of registration from Maharashtra where 30,296 candidates have registered.


Forty different sets of question papers have been prepared for the exam -- the results for which will be declared Jan 12, 2011. 



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Guest on 10/28/10 at 02:11 pm

Thanks for this team CA...none of the other site has this kind of data

Guest on 10/28/10 at 02:22 pm

I agree to the previous comment.coolavenues is really doing a great job in providing the latest updates about CAT2010.Thank You