Communications and the Government: IAS Trainee Officers visits MICA

CoolAvenues Newswire | January 16,2014 01:19 pm IST

The Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) hosted a campus visit for a group of trainee IAS Officers from Mussoorie at MICA on 15th January, 2014.

The winter study tour called “Bharat Darshan” forms an important part of their IAS training phase-1 professional course.

This campus visit was an attempt to provide the trainee officers practical insight on the functioning of noteworthy public and private institutions and the potential role such institutions can play in the economic growth of the country.

While the IAS trainee officers received a warm welcome by MICA faculty and students, the campus visit was followed by an orientation session by MICA faculty, Prof. Vaneet Chhibber, Chairperson of Corporate Relations at MICA. These officers were preview to some casual yet insightful interactive sessions with Dr. Nagesh Rao, Director of MICA, Professor Arbind Sinha, Professor Subhash Tendle and Professor Pravin Mishra.


Observing the never-ending woes of malnutrition and mismanagement that the Indian administration system has been accused for a long time now, Dr. Nagesh Rao stated that, “The future of IAS officers of India will comprise of dealing with complex, challenging issues and sometimes deriving successful results against all odds. Communication as a strategy plays a key role in such achievements- specifically the ‘Positive Deviance’ approach, which recommends a focus on existing solutions within a community, rather than simply stressing oneself over the problem.”

Dr Nagesh Rao further explains the same with an example, stating, “If 90% of children from the villages are malnourished, let’s focus on the 10% nourished ones and understand the strategy that has worked to bring the 10% in the healthy children category.”

The objective of the sessions was to focus on the importance of effective, out-of-the-box communication strategies and solutions to deal with the issues occurring in the government setups.



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