Deepa Thomas addresses students at VGSoM IIT Kharagpur on Growth of Ecommerce and Ebay in India

 | January 17,2012 06:53 pm IST

Just a day before Makar Sankranti, the students at VGSOM harvested the knowledge of Ms. Deepa Thomas, Head - Corporate Communications, Partnerships & Pop Culture, eBay India.

Ms. Deepa Thomas addressed the audience on the Growth of Ecommerce and Ebay in India by an interesting array of slides.

The presentation commenced with a series of statistics establishing the fact that the growth head room in India is enormous. Online and non online travel forming the major chunk of ecommerce currently; Ms Deepa charted out the multi-phase evolution of ecommerce spanning from collectibles, gifts, books in early days to even the incumbents going online such as, and so on. She emphasized as to how e-commerce has led to a multitude of successful models as B2C eTail, Bricks and Clicks, Principals, Marketplace, Digital Delivery etc explaining each one in detail with varied examples. Touching upon the Adwords campaign, she also discussed the reasons’ for digital commerce growing at an unprecedented rate in India.


She then moved on to list out some interesting facts about ebay and also discussed the ebay Census Guide. Faced with some startling revelations, the audience was pleasantly surprised with some of the trends like rural India being firmly in the e-commerce map with almost 1300 hubs. Also the Indian seller is very entrepreneurial and does not just trade with consumers across the country but also exports a variety of hand crafted goods to global buyers across the world. Finally, she closed the first phase of the session by discussing the revenue model of eBay.

The latter part of the session entailed a fun assignment where the audience had to promote a product brand using any of the ecommerce strategies. Amidst the brainstorming, the commotion and the fun that ensued, Ms. Deepa patiently heard all the ecommerce strategies we were capable of coming up with. The session was hence concluded.