DreaMS come true at DMS IIT Delhi

 | August 19,2011 11:36 am IST

Dreams, revamped and redesigned, made an appearance as reality, as I entered the hallowed halls of an institute renowned for its technical and management education. I have always had this vision of studying in a place where the library had loads and loads of books stacked in racks touching sky high ceilings and the racks themselves running into one long corridor.

That, came true when I entered this place and my happiness knew no bounds. Little did I know that it’d be long before I even enter the place called library.

Life at DMS has been hectic to say the least. We were the first batch to have an official Induction programme, conducted by a team of seniors who gave us a glimpse of how the B school rigour is going to be. And what a glimpse it was! On one hand were the group assignments, quizzes, case studies and individual tasks meted out and on the other hand were the sessions on power point and excel which acted as an eye opener to our misperception that we knew how to work with them. All this, after a day of classes, brilliantly taught by professors who set benchmarks in their own fields.

During the second week, the committee presentations and selections began and get-some-sleep became the most common phrase being thrown around but never actually followed. Racing against time to meet the deadlines, we competed against and worked with the same people in various teams and it felt curiously wonderful. Finally we touched the finish line with each of us getting into preferred committees and feeling rewarded for all the efforts we put in.

At the end of two weeks when I look back, I realize that it has been a journey like never before. I have learnt so much about the B school culture, sorted out my priorities, made a few close friends, felt the seconds ticking by whenever deadline for assignments neared and bonded with a batch of fifty two in a record time of two weeks. It was a great experience, one which I would cherish for a very long time, but the clock started ticking again and I have an appointment, with my next assignment.