Every Child in School- IIM A students to help deserving students claim Right to Education

CoolAvenues Newswire | February 13,2014 12:19 pm IST

Students at the RTE Resource Centre (RRC) at IIM Ahmedabad are looking for strong support from the general public to help in the Right to Education campaign in Ahmedabad this year. The RRC at IIMA is a student initiative being run in collaboration with students from MICA, NID and GNLU.

The objective of the center is to generate awareness about Right To Education Act (RTE Act) and facilitate better information sharing among the different stakeholders (Govt., schools and parents) to resolve issues faced in the implementation of Section 12 of RTE.

The Section 12 of the RTE Act provides for reservation of 25% of seats in private schools starting from Class 1 for children from the disadvantaged and economically weaker sections. The RRC wishes to help parents of deserving students from these sections of society apply for admissions. Of the 2,000 seats reserved in Ahmedabad last year, just 32* were filled, mostly due to lack of awareness and an inability to obtain the necessary supporting documents from government authorities. The deadlines for this year are fast approaching - February 15th for collection of application forms and February 20th is last date of submission, and we need to spread word about this important provision to ensure its objective of “inclusive” education is fulfilled.

Why should I know this?

Every parent and every responsible citizen must know who can benefit from this provision of the RTE and how to help those eligible for this provision. Households below the poverty line, persons from SC/ST/OBC categories with income less than Rs. 2 lakh/annum (Rs. 1 lakh for other categories) and children with special needs or disabilities are all eligible for admission to Class 1 under Section 12 of the RTE. If a citizen or an NGO knows someone from these eligible sections or can inform someone of the same the RRC has three channels to provide complete information and guidance on the eligibility criteria, admission process, necessary documents and application guidelines.

What to do if you want to apply/ help someone apply?

Firstly, an IVRS number 079 3091 8111 has been setup for parents in Ahmedabad where they can call the number for complete information on RTE Section 12. Student volunteers will contact parents and guide them through the process.

Secondly, RRC’s website gives details of the complete admission process to anyone who wishes to apply for the same or who wishes to inform those eligible for the provision.

RRC is planning to setup a helpdesk at the 2 distribution centers in District Education Office, Memnagar and Govt. Girl’s High School near Raikhad- thus there is a need for dedicated volunteers to help both reach out to communities and manage the help desk. Volunteers can contact RRC at IIM A through the website or via the Facebook page.



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