How Social Media presence can make or break that dream Offer!!!

CoolAvenues Newswire | January 05,2014 08:57 pm IST

“Social media is a twin-edged sword which can make or break one’s image. That’s why people today need to develop smart media presence”, Dr Vinita Sahay,IIM Raipur.

Social media started from embers and caught on like wild-fire. In the present day world, it is hard to imagine anyone from Generation Y and younger not having an online presence. It is estimated that by 2025 Generation Y will form 70% of the Global workforce. Their social media profiles provide an easy reference point for their prospective employers and other evaluators; and the evaluators are not willing to let go of this opportunity.

It has been shown in a survey conducted by Jobvitethat recruiters are increasingly referring to the social profiles of prospective candidates as a part of their overall evaluation. 93 % of recruiters refer to the online presence of candidates. Around 42 % of those surveyed have re-assessed the candidates both positively and negatively based on their findings from online referral. Good acts of social work were also positively rated.

Even colleges are evaluating social media presence in Facebook (87%), and Twitter (76%) before enrolling new students. Interestingly 35% of admission officers who Googled or visited an applicant’s Facebook page made observations that negatively impacted their application.


However, all is not gloomy when it comes to one’s presence in social media. One can easily take some precautions to protect his or her privacy. One can even turn this to an advantage by showcasing positive content. A few standard precautions can be followed such as putting a ‘Google alert’ on your name to inform you about new uploads with your name, avoiding the usage of profane language as well as saving passwords in case you share your machine.

These simple steps can go a long way in working the social media boom in your favour. Keeping the relevance of social media and its rapid proliferation in mind, Indian Institute of Management Raipur is conducting ICSM 2014, on 10th and 11th Jan 2014.


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