IIM Calcutta freshers learn investment banking from Aisha De Sequeira

 | September 08,2010 10:47 am IST

 Students of IIM Calcutta had a thought provoking session with Aisha De Sequeira, Head of the Indian Investment Banking division of Morgan Stanley as she addressed the students about investment banking as a career, especially for women, and the opportunities it offers.



De Sequeira used the story of her own career to illustrate a typical investment banking job. She described investment banking as being similar to chess – both need a clear view of the bigger picture, a detailed understanding of the consequences of various movements and a flexible strategy. She outlined what she found appealing about investment banking (the intellectual challenge, new problems every day, learning), and why she continued to love it after 15 years on the job.


She outlined the typical skills necessary to become an investment banker and emphasized the fact that i-banking was based on relationships with clients and investors. She was also candid about the challenges involved – the long hours and the exciting but frenetic pace of work.


She then took the students through the story of Morgan Stanley’s India operations, described a few breakthrough deals that were behind Morgan Stanley’s place at the top of the charts in spite of being a relatively recent entrant, and how they had learnt from their experiences here. With extraordinary wit and grace, she fielded numerous questions from students and painted a clear picture of what a career in investment banking entailed for women, the excitement, the challenges and the need to maintain a balance in life.