IIM Calcutta Gags Media from Summer Placement Process 2010-12

 | November 09,2010 07:09 pm IST

IIM Calcutta will start its summer placement process for the batch of 20010-12 on 10th of November, 2010. Following the protocol trend set by other IIMs, IIM Calcutta has urged media to stay away during the entire span of the placement process.

IIMs over a period have gagged media from the placement process, attributing privacy as a reason behind. The placement committee prefers to maintain silence with regard to the placement activities ongoing at the institute.


Following this trend, IIM Calcutta has decided to control the flow of information to the media. The students of the institute, who mostly handle the placement committee, have been banned from sharing any information on the placement activities. The Placement Committee will not be dealing with the media directly over these days. They will pass all their statements (if any) through the External Relations Secretaries.


Be it the international or Indian recuiters hunting for best brains at the campus, or the fat salary packages students might be offered, all details related to placement would be well kept secrets of IIM-C.


For effective flow of information to the media, IIM-C will be continuing to follow certain protocols, like last year:

Media will not be entertained on campus over the entire span of the placement process.

* Based on the Placement Committee's agenda, the institute will be doing a Slot Zero Press Release. Media can interact with External Relations Secretaries personally after the release to get more details, again as permitted by the Placement Committee.




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Animesh on 11/12/10 at 03:33 pm

stale news...they have been doing so since 2008. neways we expect ur journalists to cultivate sources and get the updates regardless.. what is it to us readers whether they gag you or not :|