IIM Calcutta students to help design Energy policy

 | October 21,2010 05:54 pm IST

Two students from IIM Calcutta were the only MBA graduates selected to attend the recently concluded World Student Environment Summit at Tubingen, Germany.


Harshavardhan S and Zubin Sarkar from IIM Calcutta were chosen to participate in the conference based on their sustainability-related work, leadership and expertise.

Based on the proceedings and the discussions in the Summit, they will now develop a policy paper which will be submitted to policy makers within the country and elsewhere. Also, they will present on the concepts of sustainability to a wide audience in India.

There were only two institutes from India selected to participate in this conference – IIM Calcutta and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), New Delhi.


The prestigious Summit brings together students from Universities across the world to discuss environmental threats and come up with appropriate solutions towards an alternative future.


Nobel Laureates, politicians, environmental activists and policy makers congregated at the summit and presented on the various aspects of energy consumption and sustainability. The Summit focused on four main topics - consumption and lifestyle, energy supply, education and economic development.

Harshavardhan, who feels strongly about energy and sustainability, said, “The summit was an opportunity for us to give critical inputs guiding future energy policies. It was a great experience to interact with students, politicians and activists from around the world and to discuss various ideas on economic development, energy levels and lifestyle”.


Harshavardhan and Zubin will now start work on the policy paper that can be used by policy makers to outline a sustainability policy in the country.