IIM Lucknow Varchasva 2012 Day 2 mark series of events

 | October 08,2012 05:07 pm IST


Day 1 (midnight) of Varchasva had saved the best for the last. The hindi band competition, Uttarang had teams coming from across the country.

Popular bands like Rab, Zephyr, Destination, 3.4 (the IIM Lucknow band), E Major and Oxymoron participated in the competition. All the bands enthralled the audience by their captivating music. Destination (Lucknow), the winning band performed numbers like piya saware, samjho na naino ki bhasha and dil se. The use of violin in their performance was a special attraction. The IIM Lucknow band, 3.4 had the audience spellbound by their performances on Garaj baras sawan and urvashi urvashi. The competition was judged by Mr. Navneet Singh, the lead guitarist of band Oxymoron.



The solo instrumental playing competition:
The competition had students playing instruments as diverse as the Indian classical instrument of Tabla to the Western instruments like Guitar and Violin.

The event has participants from the following colleges:
2.Sherwood Academy
3.IEIBS Mumbai,
6.IET Lucknow
8.CMS School
9.Dayal Singh College
The winners were:
1. Acoustic Guitar - Karan Bedi from Dayal Singh College
2. Violin - Ankur Chakraborty from JNPG
3. Tabla - Vikas Sharma from IEIBS Mumbai

ANTARNAAD - Stage Play Competition
Antarnaad saw some very scintillating stage performances that kept the audiences hooked onto their seats for the entire duration. A total of 6 plays were enacted and the stage performances were evaluated by Mr. Anil Rastogi a renowned and esteemed personality in the field of Art and Theatre. Mr. Rastogi has excelled in two very diverse fields of science and arts. He is the former head of the biochemistry division of the Central Drug Research Institute and has also been performing on stage for over 50 years. He has played a crucial role in the popular TV series Udaan on Doordarshan. He has also acted in several movies like Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahi, Main Meri Patni Aur Woh and Ishaqzaade to name a few. At present he is heading one of the oldest theatre groups of our country Darpan.

Following are the details of the Stage Plays that were performed:
1.BBDNIIT Indian Express

It was the first college to present the performance that brought out the ugly side of our country and the disadvantages of having diversity. It shows the effects of dividing society on the basis of sect and communities. It was a sincere effort to promote unity in diversity.
2.BBDNITM Parinda
The play revolved around how religion is often misinterpreted and how a demanding situation can bring out new facets and literally change a person completely in context of terrorism.
3.IIM Calcutta Art of Seduction
This play revolved around a character, Peter Semyonych who is the master at the art of seduction. Well known for his charm and deviousness, he explains his methods as to how to seduce others wives and teaches his pupils through a practical demonstration.
4.LBSIM, New Delhi Bang Bang, Youre Dead
The play was based on the true story that focuses on a character that not only murders his classmates but his parents as well. One of the most popular plays of recent times, this play shows how an evil mastermind is tormented by his own evil deeds.
5.IMT Ghaziabad Azaadi
This play questioned our inner self and our instinct that yearns for freedom. When we fight for freedom what is it that we are actually fighting for? Freedom from whom, from what?
6.IIM Lucknow Pret
Hum rang manch ki kathputli hain, dor upar wale kke haath, par kaise batae kya sach hai aur kya andh-vishwas - IIM Lucknow presented an eye opening performance explaining the difference between faith and superstition.

The winning play was Art of Seduction by IIM Calcutta, while Bang Bang, Youre Dead by LBSIM was the runner up.
The Best Performer award was won by Akash from IIM Calcutta, who played the central character of Peter.
The Best Director award was won by Sohail Khan from IIM Lucknow

MTV Dance to Act
This was a street dance event which featured teams from over 15 colleges.
The event was hosted by popular VJ Jose from MTV as a part of the show Campus Diaries
The street dance witnessed unparrallelled enthusiasm and spirit.

The winners of the event were IIT Kanpur, while the home team, IIM Lucknow were the runner ups.
SAND ART: Artist - Kaushik Bose

It is said that sand captures our stories through footprints in time. And Kaushik Bose from Kolkata narrates these stories through his unique talent called Sand Animation. Prompted by his mother to create something unique, he began using his fingertips to create beauty on sand. Known for his performances in corporate shows and social events, he blends culture with creativity by converting our rich mythological heritage to sand.

Mr. Kaushik Bose showcased his exquisite talent on the 2nd Day of Varchasva 2012, where he bought Ramayana to life through his brilliant art on the canvas of sand.
He first sprinkled a layer of sand on a transparent canvas and then proceeded to re-create intricate, seemingly three dimensional landscapes, symbols, figures, objects depicting the popular mythological stories. As soon as the first creation was finished, it was swept away or transformed to a totally different scenario. Temporary renderings were completed at a swift pace with precise and gentle hand strokes, much to the audiences rising amazement. The synchronized music added to the hypnotic effect of Mr. Kaushik Boses live sand art mastery and his incredible creations.


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