IIM RAIPUR:"Equinox 2013": Ready to Rock

 | February 18,2013 01:05 pm IST

IIM Raipur will be buzzing with shining colours, music and competitive activities as students from different IIMs, and best business schools of India will come together to participate and compete in the very vibrant “EQUINOX” –the annual festival of IIM Raipur, which began from February 17, 2013. These events are strictly a “students zone” where IIM Raipur students have collaborated with the faculty to sparkle the event with fun, creativity and delight.

As the name suggests ‘Equinox’ represents a refreshing event for students who interact with other students from different colleges/institutes and showcase their intellect, talent and enjoy to the fullest.

Equinox this year has almost something from everybody from ‘marketing fans’ to ‘finance lovers’ from those who have a passion for operations and quizzing to music lovers. The activities at the event are planned and organised by various clubs at IIM Raipur.Some of these activities are:

Events by CEC (Consulting and Entrepreneurship club at IIM Raipur)

The annual entrepreneurship event of IIM Raipur is a platform to identify, support and connect high potential business ideas with Investors and aims to provide an integrative learning experience for participating students. Enspirit believes new business ideas are the fuel for growth of any economy; especially a booming and developing economy like India which presents a diverse set of challenges, and hidden in them, opportunities for new business ventures.

The Business Plan event shall be open to all graduate, undergraduate students and working professionals of the country. Students of graduate Engineering / Technology and post graduate management students who have a business idea can showcase their understanding of economy, business potential, financials of their business and other aspects to experts from industry, management, financing institutes and the probable investors.

Mantrana (The Entrepreneurship Summit):
In the Entrepreneurship Summit, founders of some of the brightest names in the industry will share their perspectives and experiences on starting and developing a business. They will be sharing their valuable entrepreneurial experience and wisdom. This will be of immense help to a budding entrepreneur.

This event will provide hands-on experience to budding entrepreneurs. The participants will be provided Rs.500/- and will be asked to go to the city to multiply their sum of Rs. 500. Every team will be accompanied by one member from organizing committee and their activities will be recorded.

Events by Mantra (The Marketing Club of IIM Raipur)

The Seeker:
The journey for salvation is one of the hardest journey undertaken by holy men across the world to achieve Moksha. Well, Mantra- the Marketing Club of IIM Raipur invites you to a journey of thrilling experience to obtain Marketing Moksha. This journey will test your persistence, agility, knowledge and smartness.

"The Seeker", the online treasure hunt is back for Season 2. This time around the clues are more intriguing and tougher to crack. Here are the rules: The mission of each participant would be to proceed across each level by solving clues given online. The participant should be a student of any graduate or post-graduate course to be eligible for the prize.

The Case Files:
Lord Narada Muni had unparalled problem solving skills, expansive domain knowledge and an unsurpassed skill to communicate his thoughts clearly. These are qualities that any Maketing manager spires for. Do you have it in you?
Get ready to pit yourself against the smartest, brightest and the most competitive guys across India. Mantra- The Marketing club of IIM Raipur is back with Case files. Here is an opportunity to showcase your abundant creativity.

Events by Finatix (The Finance Club of IIM Raipur)

The endless editing, thankless work and useless data sent to clients, often never read or realized to be irrelevant halfway through a client meeting. Equinox `13 proudly presents you the opportunity to be a ‘Vardhushik’- a profitable pitch maker. A chance to bring your ideas and concepts to the table and to get a hands-on experience in the field of I-Banking. In the race to be the best, companies often look for inorganic growth opportunities. The most important role in this activity is played by the I-Bankers who carry out all due diligence and valuation for the acquirer. It calls for the participants to ignite the intuition within and make game changing financial decisions. The participants are supposed to select one company based on their reasoning and act as Investment Bankers and prepare a pitch book for the selected company. The participants have the liberty to take the acquirer and the acquiring company from any sector/industry.

Government policies and Business cycles are tightly intertwined. Every business decision involves the impact of government policies. As future leaders of organizations, it is very imperative for B-School students to analyze and provide a 360 degree impact of any policy of government on their business and economy at large. Arthsankalp is a platform to harness and showcase this skill of yours!

The ‘Finatix’ club of IIM-Raipur provide you with an opportunity to analyze the economic policies of India, China and Japan. This event involves a discussion among shortlisted teams after quiz, discussing about the differences of the policies adopted by these economies, their economic implications and their impact on different industry sectors.

The beasts of finance, the bear and the bull are here to test your trade hunches in the stock market. Are you intimidated by the “bear-slap” or bullish enough to raise your horns to win back your investments? Do you have faith in your hunch to invest at the most opportune of times? Have you mastered the art of channelizing your wisdom, experience, observation and financial awareness to invest at the right pockets? And probably you are already perspiring and raring to have a crack at the market! Well then the wait is no more to be endured. The market’s beckoning you here at this edition of Equinox-Vaniqvriti, the online trading game.

Events by OPEP (Operations and Supply Chain club of IIM Raipur)