IIM Tiruchirappalli conducts “TEDx IIM Trichy”

CoolAvenues Newswire | October 10,2013 11:04 am IST

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli successfully conducted ‘TEDx IIM Trichy’ (an independent TED event) on 6th October 2012. The event was highly motivating for all the young minds who took part in it.

Seven speakers, from a variety of fields like social service, business, agriculture and sports, who have taken the road less chosen to change the society around them, shared their stories with the students and faculty members of IIM Trichy. Students from several other colleges in Trichy like BIM, NIT Trichy, SASTRA and Saranathan College of Engineering also attended the event.

Mr. Berlin, founder of Russ Foundation located in Madhurai, narrated the story of his organization and his experiences in the process of developing it. Russ Foundation is a home for children affected by HIV. He said that the most severe problem plaguing our society in its journey towards eradication of AIDS, is the stigma attached to it.

Mrs. Rani Muralidharan, Director, G.K Sons Engineering Enterprise Pvt Ltd. spoke about the importance of the contribution of educated women to the productivity of nation. She favoured a change in value system which gives both the genders equal opportunity to excel. She brought out an important estimate made by Booze and Co in a report, that if females in India contribute equal to what males do, our country’s GDP growth would be more than 27%.

Mr. Eswar, founder of Mukunda Foods shared his story with the audience. He pressed on the importance of automating the preparation of Indian foods in order to compete with the western food chains which endanger our native flavours. This very thought made his team invent ‘Dosa Matic’, an automatic Dosa maker, the domestic version of which would be hitting the market in a short time.

Ms. Jenitha Anto is a lady who is physically challenged but spiritually empowered. A smile is always there on her lips. She won the Gold for Chess at the IPCA world Chess Championship held at Czechoslovakia. She spoke about the importance of being happy and thinking positive.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Teacher and Secretary, Lead India Project also addressed the gathering. Lead India foundation helps rural children realize their dream of serving the nation through joining Civil Services. It not only helps them academically but also grooms their character.

Mr. Senthil’s life started in a small village in Thenur district. He studied in Trichy and worked in the U.S. His love for his motherland brought him back to Tamil Nadu where he works along with his team to improve the lives of people in the village he was born in. He emphasized the importance of reviving and preserving our native art and technology. He said that we should not run behind the idea of becoming a super power but should strive to bring holistic change in the society, the change which is relevant to us and materially improves our lives.

Mr. Nammalvar who advocates organic farming opined that the policies prevalent today do not actually eliminate poverty but just bring down the poverty line. He said that the idea of food security should be re-defined and that agriculture is not a business. He said that people figured out ways to scientifically promote unscientific things and this has to be put to an end. He said that a lively soil is the only key for a healthier nation. He trains people in organic farming at an academy near Kadavur.

The event had been extremely inspirational and left the audience with some food for thought. Dr. Gopal, Dean Academics, IIM Trichy felicitated the speakers. Mr. Karthkeyan, holder of license for the TED event and student at IIM Trichy, thanked everyone behind the success of the event. The audience left the place with a satisfaction of having spent the evening in a fruitful manner.


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