IIMA student attempts a Limca Record of thirty hours of drumming

CoolAvenues Newswire | February 26,2014 11:08 pm IST

Bhushan Gachake, the outgoing cultural secretary of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, has always pursued his passion and has now decided to attempt thirty hours of continuous drumming and thus feature in Limca book of records.

When asked about the motivation for going for this record, Bhushan said that he has been greatly inspired by the courage and perseverance of Mr Abhilash Tomy, Ms Arunima Sinha and Mr Max Chandra who shared their experiences at IIM A in July 2013.

Bhushan believes that everyone is unique and possesses some rare talents. He decided to pursue his love for drumming to spread the message that one should live his/her life by pursuing their passions.

During practice schedules, Bhushan has played drums up to a stretch of twenty hours which helped him understand the hurdles he might face while drumming for long hours. Bhushan will start playing drum from 1:30 pm on Saturday 1st March till 12:30 am on 3rd March with a break of 10 minutes every one hour. He also believes that his ambitious passion would need support from well-wishers and alumni of IIM A.

Bhushan is extremely delighted with the support he has always received from IIM A. He says that, the institute has always been supportive of student led activities. Right from infrastructure facilities, event testification and motivation, the IIM A community has supported all such endeavors.

Bhushan also acknowledges the immense support which he has received from Music Club of IIM A. despite the institute’s well-known academic rigour, he has been able to balance his academic commitments along with his love for drumming. He says that, IIM A shapes managers who do well in all spheres of their lives and he has been successful in achieving that.

Bhushan is eagerly looking forward to achieve his goal and then go back home, play drum with his bandmates in Mumbai and keep up the spirit to listen to his heart.

We wish him all the best for his attempt on 1st of March and support from everyone who values passion and rare talent. 



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