Indian B-school Ranking 2010 by top business magazines

 | September 02,2010 06:23 pm IST

Every year leading B-schools of India compete with each other to secure a top place in B-school ranking. As it is a matter of great prestige for MBA institutes to get ranked in top ten positions throughout the country.


Moreover there is a high interest among the MBA aspirants, B-schools students and recruiters to know about the best B-schools as decisions are made them accordingly.


Having a look at the popularity of the B-school rating various media and publication houses bring out their own B-school ranking grade every year.


CoolAvenues. com has compiled the list of top B-schools of India as done by various magazines in order to give a holistic view to the stake holders.


To see the Ranking of various magazine please follow these links



1- Top 15 Indian B-schools by Business World

2-Top 10 MBA colleges in India by Open Magazine

3-MBA business school ranking 2009 by Business India





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