Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (FAQ's)

 | April 06,2010 11:47 pm IST

1. General Information
Programs offered (MBA equivalent)
General Information about the Programmes
i) Program Name: Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management
ii) Partner schools: Kellogg School of Management at NorthwesternUniversity, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and LondonBusinessSchool.

Graduation Certificate is signed by the Deans of the ISB, Kellogg, and Wharton.
iii) Duration: 1 year
iv) Starts in (month): April
v) Ends in (month): April
vi) Areas covered: Entrepreneurship, Analytical Finance, Strategic Marketing, Leadership and Change Management, Technology, Manufacturing, Supply chain and Logistics.

Program Admission Statistics
i) Number of students applying: 2500
ii) Number called for interview: 800
iii) Number selected: Shortlisting done of about 400 persons
iv) Numbers finally admitted: 320 students

Admitted Students' Profile
i) Ratio of male /female students: Around 4 : 1
ii) % of People with work ex: 99%
iii) Average work ex / range: 5 years average work experience with a range of 0-20 years
iv) Average Age : 27 years (approx.)
v) AgeRange: 21-43 years (approx.)
vi) Academic Background: Engineering / Non-Engineering (%): About equal proportion (60 : 40)
vii) Number (%) of students with IIT background: About 16 per cent

Fee & Funding
i) Fee: INR 12,40,000 (indicative cost in dollars 27,000)
ii) Other expenses: INR 2,20,000 (indicative cost in dollars 4,800)
iii) Number (%) of students covered under scholarships/aid: 75%
iv) Average grant / scholarship value: INR 2,40,000 ($ 4,350 indicative)
v) Highest / Lowest scholarship value: INR 10,00,000 / INR 1,00,000 ($ 21,500 / $ 4300 indicative)
vi) Other forms of financial assistance, loans, etc.: Loans from reputed banks up to 90% of the total cost outlay and not just the tuition fees; Corporate sponsorships.

Application Process

i) Application submission deadline: First deadline - November 30, 2005; Second deadline - January 15, 2006
ii) Test date: N.A.
iii) Interview dates: December, January, February 2004
iv) Final Offer dates:January 15, 2005 for the November 2005 deadline, and February 28, 2006 for the January 5, 2006 deadline
v) Program Start Date: April 2005
vi) Application availability: Internet / through mail: both (Website:
vii) Number (%) if seats reserved for various groups: SC/ ST/ NRIs/ Others (Please specify and provide break-up). There is no quota for any specific group. Totally merit-based admission.
viii) Process of admitting international students: Same as Indian students
ix) Contact details:

Admissions Office,
IndianSchool of Business,
Gachi Bowli,
Hyderabad - 500 019
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel # +91 40 2300 7000 (extn 7474)
Fax # +91 40 2300 7099