JBIMS hosts Mr. Dhruv Lakra, founder, Mirakle Couriers and Ms. Simi Thapar, Business Head, Tata Capital

 | October 30,2012 12:25 am IST

In todays world entrepreneurship is not just about earning profits. There is a steady stream of people who are bringing in the social aspect or social inclusion into the business.

JBIMS, through its Entrepreneurship Cell, organized a session on Social Entrepreneurship Profits by empowering the lesser privileged.


The speakers were Mr. Dhruv Lakra - Founder of Mirakle Couriers, an organization that provides sustainable employment for low income hearing impaired adults in India and Ms. Simi Thapar, Business Head at Tata capital and Trustee Member of SaNiSa (Shramik Nari Sang) that works for the empowerment and upliftment of underprivileged women in India.
The speakers represented two facets of social entrepreneurship. Mr. Dhruv Lakra quit his job in investment banking and went to oxford for a course in social entrepreneurship before starting Mirakle and Ms. Simi Thapar manages the social venture along with her professional career.
The session began with Mr. Dhruv showing a video of what the company does followed by a brief introduction of him. He then moved on to explain his business model and how does Mirakle Couriers manage to attain the ultimate goal of any business enterprise i.e. to make profit; while balancing the expectations of his employees and the community the business model is developed to serve. He also explained what are the major challenges such a social venture; how Mirakle Couriers has gone about overcoming them. He regularly sought inputs from the students which made the session very interactive. One key take away from the session was that these individuals are neither different from any of us nor disabled and that there are certain limitations to each individuals capacity to perform certain tasks. He also spoke about how we as society are lacking sensitivity towards such issue. 
The second speaker Ms. Simi Thapar showed the divide in terms of education and income levels that still persists between rural and urban India and thus highlighting what SaNiSa does for the disadvantaged rural women by harnessing their untapped talent, fostering a sense of entrepreneurship and providing opportunities to attain financial independence and increase their respect in society. She also stated the various brands that they incubated so as to foster entrepreneurship. She set a perfect example of balancing a work life with your social objectives. She stated that in todays world passion and belief in the cause and the willingness to execute it are the main attributes that an individual should.
Both the speakers concurred that in the outside word they are on an equal playing field with other competitors, thus making it a tough job to manage the social element along with profits. Being into social venture the relationship that is developed with your stakeholders is not just about profits. Also they have to deal with every facets of their employees life.
Each of the speakers concluded with a very lively Q&A Session which had the students asking a series of questions and each being answered in a detailed manner. Overall, it was an enriching session for the students which gave them a different perspective to entrepreneurship and lot of food for thought.