Karmyoga: Experience at Leadership Programme

 | July 13,2011 01:16 pm IST

Village - Manamai,  Group 13


Yes, that is how our diary entry to karmyoga starts after every visit to Manamai village. Born and brought up in a small district of Uttar Pradesh, I always find myself close to such places, and always have an urge to work for underprivileged people.

When I got to know about the Leadership Experiential Project, got really excited about it.


Every week, bunch of us go to a small village called Manamai, which is beautiful in all respects. In the article, I am going to pen down my first visit to Manamai.

We started our journey with an exciting chat with enthusiastic women folks who actually meet together every month and talk about their problems. Not only that, they also contribute in terms of money and support for their fellow people. These committees exist all over the village where it is a kind of empowering program that the ladies look out for every month.

The total population is around 3500. The village boasts about Adi Dravidar Welfare Higher Secondary School, where the medium of education is Tamil. It is a government school where children from 1st-12th can study. We also interacted with a Xth passout girl from college who aspire to be an engineer, I was impressed by seeing how focus is she in her life. We noticed that farming is no longer followed as the primary occupation, reasons being increase in wages, reduction in the income received and shortage of water. For the very few farmers, rice is the primary source of income. Elederly People shared their thoughts that, not much has changed in Manamai except for the fact that highways are now taking care of laying roads. Twice a year, there is a huge festive mood in Manamai. In Tamil it is called as Thiruvizha, where a lot of fun activities happen. There is also a Sandhai or a market place every week. There are a couple of temples almost every 300 meters. Most of the people were Hindus and very few were Christians and muslims. During an interaction with one of the villagers, regarding the radiation from Kalpakkam, he mentioned that the villagers undergo checkup against radiations and they have not faced any issues so far.

The villagers are friendly and helpful, not wary of us. I was quite touched by overwhelming hospitality of villagers. Was wondering, if at all how I would be able to touch their lives, as it seems I need to get empowerment from them.


As we were coming back, all I could recall Bhagvad Geeta words’ Karma. To work we have the Right, but not to the Fruits thereof. and was wondering how these lines are appropriate for students of a Management program. We, who have come here with dreams of that seven figure CTC are not expected to think about anyone but ourselves, to work only after being assured of a reward at the end of our labour. And this is going to be an altogether exciting experience, where we are asked to emphatise, show selfless love. Looking forward for an enriching journey with the villagers of Manamai throughout the year.






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GA on 10/16/11 at 06:54 pm

Superb narration . It makes me feel as if I were the part of your visiting team . It also high-lights the other less talked about part of MBA eduction where-in they will imbibe in you the feeling of social responsibility and not just to be the part of this un-'0ending' rat race .

Well I must also appreciate the candid feeling : " Born and brought up in a small district (???)of Uttar Pradesh, I always find myself close to such places, and always have an urge to work for underprivileged people." Because I have myself observed many instances wherein my friends ,acting crybaby ,leave no chance to debase their hail land .

Ms . Prachi , ATB for your endeavor with villagers of Manamai and the coming term .