Lecture on Credit Rating and New Debt Market Structures by FITCH India Head in IIM Raipur

CoolAvenues Newswire | February 10,2014 06:18 pm IST

Mr. Atul Joshi, Managing Director & CEO, India Ratings & Research (Fitch Group) gave insights on‘Credit Rating and New Debt Market Structures’to the students of IIM Raipur as a part of the Leadership Series organized by the institute.

Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director IIM Raipur, welcomed the guest and gave the students a brief introduction about him.

Mr. Joshi started the lecture with an introduction of India Ratings & Research and its supremacy in rating not only financial institutions like banks, but also airports, power plants, asset reconstruction companies, stadiums and railway projects.It has grown rapidly during the past decade gaining significant market presence in India's fixed income market. Currently it maintains coverage of corporate issuers, financial institutions, which includes banks and insurance companies. Finance & leasing companies and managed funds, Urban Local Bodies and Project Finance.

He said that India Ratings & Research is India's Most Respected rating committed to providing the India's credit markets with accurate, timely and prospective credit opinions. Elaborating the various aspects of rating process, he focused on independent thinking, rigorous analytics and an open & balanced approach towards credit research.


Mr.Joshi elucidated on various contemporary topics pertaining to credit rating like ‘Credit Enhancement’, ‘Bankruptcy Remoteness’ and ‘Credit Crunching’ to the students. He cited the examples of various organizations such as ‘Indian Railway Finance Corporation’ (IFRC) to explain the students the intricacies of the credit rating process. He also stressed on how rating agencies use various tools to seek the desired data for their researches.

The students of IIM Raipur asked Mr.Joshi about what the functioning of the credit rating agencies and how as young managers they should be analysing the financial information of companies. Mr.Joshi provided his insights on the same while also stressing on the need of having an in depth understanding of fundamentals. His concluding remarks to the bright minds of the institute were, “As Indians we need to look at the positives happening within the country rather than criticizing it. The onus is on the youth to build the right frame of mind and show their commitment towards work in order to ensure that India continues to rise as a nation.” 



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