Life at IIM Ahemdabad :Summer Placements experience at IIM-A

 | April 05,2010 04:15 pm IST

It's been long since I have written. But life has been on a super highway this term.

And thankfully, it's not really the studies that have consumed most of our time so far.

Summer Placements and Confluence were the two BIG things that have happened and I will share my thoughts on both in two separate posts.

The run up to the summer placements had started long back. The companies had been coming on campus in hordes to give presentations and most of our time was spent in either attending the pots or filling up the company forms. The seniors had been emphasizing the importance of summers since the time we joined WIMWI and I could see now why. It's perceived to be a BIG thing on campus and it's very tough not to get caught in its aura. I firmly believe that in the long run it's ultimately the kind of work you are doing that matters but summers provide you a good platform and that's the reason their importance increases.


The mid terms got over, and within the next three days, the placements were going to start! It looked so weird. The entire campus was back to books even when the exams were over, the tension was palpable. The shortlists kept on coming and the only topic of discussion when people met each other were the number of shortlists they had received. The Investment-Banks and the Consults are the BIG companies for whom the first day of placements, Day Zero, is reserved, and everyone was eager to get as many Day Zero shortlists as possible.


Just a night before the D-Day, the dorm tuchchas called us dorm fachchas together. It was a morale boosting session and they tried their best to soothe our nerves. But everyone knew the stakes were high and we all knew how tiring the next few days could get, running around from one interview panel to the other.


The placement committee (comprising of only tuchchas) had given us presentations about how the entire placement process is going to run. This was going to be operationally a HUGE task. More than 250 students... more than 60-70 companies... all different interviews going on simultaneously... I had realized this would be tough to manage but had no idea it would be so so phenomenal till we all landed at the assigned destination on the D-Day, 7.00 am in the morning, all decked up in suits.


The sight that greeted me was enough to make the fachchas go weak in the knees. There was a real huge banner (many stories tall) that read, "PLACEMENTS 2007, IIM-A," which greeted everyone. We all entered into something known as the fachcha pool. This is nothing but a common room where all the fachcahs would be accommodated for the entire day and every person would go for his interview from there and come back there itself after the interview.


The fachcha pool was a sight in itself. There was a big control desk with phones ringing everywhere. There were walkie-talkies all around. Computers tracking every individual. The placecom members and some tuchchas volunteers roamed all around with their walkies, speaking agitatedly and appraising one another of the current status of the situation.

Each company was given few rooms to conduct the interviews and was assigned a PR. The PRs, the placecom, the volunteers, the control desk... everybody worked in sync using the walkies to ensure that the show runs smoothly. The placecom had worked mighty hard for the past few days. In fact, they had put up beddings in the placecom control room itself and would sleep there only. Since each student had multiple interviews, it was very essential to keep track of every person at any time to direct him/her to various interviews. With so many companies conducting interviews at the same time, it was operationally a COLOSSAL requirement but the placecom were upto the challenge and were eager to make this thing a success.


After gaining our breath back, we all made ourselves comfortable in the fachcha pool. Apart from the control desk, all the notice boards in the room were stacked with the profiles of all the companies that were conducting interviews that day, for a ready last minute reference by the candidates going for the interviews. There was a food stall whose coupons were available in abundance. There was everything you could ask for to be comfortable and prepared for an interview.


And then, it finally started!!! The walkie crackled... the first company had asked four candidates to precede to the interview room. And lo and behold!!! I was one of them. Right upfront, 7.00 am in the morning, very first interviews of the placement process... Within no time I was sitting in a comfy room, waiting for my interviewer. I am not going into the details of my interview here but all I can say is that I was selected by the company and that's where I am heading for my summers..


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Dhruv on 07/07/10 at 05:15 pm

Thanks for the inside story!