Life at JBIMS

 | October 29,2010 05:01 pm IST

"All the faculty members are very good and have sufficient knowledge and expertise in the subject they teach," says Varun M. Udeshi, MMS - 2012 student at JBIMS.

Q. Were you able to get the school of your choice or did you compromise and opted for the best option that was open/available to you?
I was able to get the school of my choice.


Q. After joining the school, did you ever wish that you should have known certain more things about the school before you became part of it? What are these?



Q. What is the toughest area to handle in your studies?

Financial Accounting and Economics.


Q. Which one is your best subject?

Business Mathematics


Q. Is there stress level during studies?



Q. Has your expectations being met by the curriculum or you feel it could have been better?

It has been an enriching experience for the past two months and the curriculum has provided a host of opportunities to learn a lot of new things. Along with the course curriculum JBIMS has provided me the opportunity to develop my personality by participating in a number of events, interacting with corporates through guest lectures etc.


Q. If you have opted for this course for a change in your career track, what made you feel so of changing your career track?

Having given myself a chance to pursue MMS, I would like to better my academic credentials through a management course which will provide me with a host of other opportunities besides the one that I currently have. I would then be in a better position to choose from various options that management education would create for me with work profiles where I would be a part of the decision-making process and exchange my business thoughts and ideas with others.


Q. Who is the best faculty at your B-school?

All the faculty members are very good and have sufficient knowledge and expertise in the subject they teach.

Q. What’s the best and most admirable feature of your institute?

The relation we share with the current batch and the seniors is the most admirable one. We have a mentor assigned from the senior batch who not only guides you through the difficult times but also is there for you whenever you need help in your studies or interview preparations etc.

Q. Scope of development in your existing curriculum. Do you wish to add or remove some parts in/from the curriculum?



Q. Which stream do you come from? Do you agree upon the fact that having a science background makes it much easier to sail through the hurdles of getting through a top management institute of your choice?

I come from a Technical background (B.E. Computers). According to me an equal amount of hardwork and practice is required whether a person is from science or non-science background to do well in the entrance tests.


Q. How would you rate the hostel facilities at your B-School? Do they provide accommodation for the family too (in case of married students)?

We do not have a residential programme. The Mumbai University provides hostel facilities to only outside home university candidates.


Q. How are the other student facilities at your B-School?

We have the best library available in any B-school in India which is also renowned in whole of Asia. The campus provides us with latest technology equipped class rooms and the entire campus is WiFi enabled.


Q. Tips for those who wish to do MBA from your school.

JBIMS is one of the best institutes you could be a part of. The amount of learning I have had in these initial two months at the institute is unparallel to anywhere else. Give your 100% in the exam process and achieve your best with hard work and loads of practice.