More b-schools, engineering students willing to join startups

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 08,2013 01:28 pm IST

About 20 per cent of fresh MBAs in India are willing to start their own ventures or work with a startup. The trend is a clear indicator of growing risk-taking ability of the younger generation and maturing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

A survey conducted by global employer branding firm revealed interesting facts about more women interested in joining startups as compared to their male counterparts. The survey was carried out with 10,000 Indian undergraduate business students, MBAs and engineering graduates.

Twenty-six per cent undergraduate business students and 16% IT and engineering students are seeking to work with startups or start their own entrepreneurial venture.

As per the survey, 13% female undergraduate business students had shown interest in joining startups, which was 2% higher than that of males. Of MBA graduates, 11% women had shown interest in joining startups, while only 9% said they are willing to join startups.

The trend is the highest in India, as only 10% business students and 12% IT students chose entrepreneurial route. In Germany, numbers are just 12% in both the categories.


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