My Last Few Days

Anuj Arora | August 22,2013 12:24 pm IST

"All my bags are packed, ready to go..

." with this John Denver song, I come back to continue my innings with pen & paper aka keyboard & screen. Now, I and the whole of fachha community in IIM-A is counting days, some ppl are even counting hours (this is true, I'm not joking). The obvious question is counting what? We all are counting the days to go before we make a big transition in our lives, the day we become TUCHHA. Now you all must be wondering what's the big deal? The readers who have read my previous articles would know what I'm talking about. This term has been busy giving treat to seniors and also getting it from the ones who have cracked placement scene. For example, five people in my dorm have been placed abroad and another one has got the best domestic offer from McK. It feels good to be among such studs, but its time for them to enter the corporate world and for us to have a taste of it during internship.

Today we had our last submission for one of the subject WAC; this was a grand finale with fifty pages long case. Yeah, you read that right, although it was three students per group assignment, even then half of the batch slept only three hours yesterday because everybody was working on it. The very famous funda followed religiously is of JIT (Just In Time). Although the Japanese would have conceptualized this for different purpose, here it means work only when deadline is close.

In Ist year, the system makes you stay awake till morning and in second year it is your own choice. Seniors are sometime awake till 5:00 am, watching movie or playing games on LAN but they won't sleep. One of the funniest comments was made by an European exchange student who in his farewell letter gave all of us a suggestion & here I quote him, "Guys, try sleeping at night, it is a good feeling, trust me."

What would I miss about first year?? I would miss the time when I cooked Maggi at 4:30 am (no, I'm not insane) and the best part is that even at that odd hour two guys came to my room and I had to share it with them. It is a different issue that none of us knew whether it was our dinner or breakfast. In my earlier articles, I'd mentioned about time management problem in the morning, now it's all figured out. Now I don't go for both bath & breakfast in the morning because sleep is a lot more important to me. Class starts at 9:00 am and I usually wake up at 8:45 am, sometimes I have even woken up at 8:55 am and been at class on time. JIT remember!!!

In first year, when you feel liking giving up, seniors come and motivate you. They are like big bros and every dorm has a unique culture, which brings the respective dorm people very close to each other. But if there is wrong combination like mine, my name is Anuj and I'm in reality the Anuj of my dorm, i.e., the youngest, so can be the subject of their fun, but then that is the part and parcel of the game. We sometimes have inter-dorm cricket competition, which starts at 9:00 pm and ends at 4:00 am, but remember, classes are always ON. Sometimes, I feel that I'm living in some monument because no week passes by when we don't have some foreign tourist coming to campus and taking snaps, etc. Exams are very interesting, two exams of three hours each on one day, no PL system and last time we had a bumper prize. Two exams of three and a half hours and four hours on one day, and then talk by C. K. Prahlad, which all were too tired to listen to, although lots of Ahmedabad people were there.

My friends sometimes say that why do I tell all these things to outside people, but my reason is to motivate you people to have a peek into life in here and then study damn hard to get in. Then this system will make you study even harder to pass out. The expectations are different from IIM grads and so is his pay. Company expects something better from us and we have to deliver.

About this last year, this has been an eventful year for IIMs, especially for IIM-A, with CAT scam & the HRD ministry stepping in. We all are quite opposed to it, giving my example; I've taken an educational loan for studies but even then, I prefer taking loan rather than paying less fee. The reason is simple, we don't trust the HRD minister, he has a record of interference in academic decisions and that is the last thing we want.

I'm undecided whether to write another article or not. Have given you account of life here without using any jargons (always felt a strong urge to use them), you all must be tired of reading my articles now. So will decide to continue the series or not based on feedback, till then work hard and party harder.


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