Prerana Business Meet at NITIE, Mumbai

 | October 30,2012 01:14 am IST

Prerana, the prestigious annual five day business festival of National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) kick started today with Prerana Business Meet..

Theme of the meet for this year was Reviving the Indian Economy: Key Focus Areas to Sustain the Indian Growth Story. Eminent panelists from whos who of Business World graced the occasion - Harsh Mariwala (Ceo Marico), B.Vidyanathan (Md Future Capital), S Hazara (Md Shiping Corporation), and Anshoo Gaur (Head Amdocs India).

Dr. Amitabha De, Director, NITIE opened the proceedings with his inspiring speech and encouraged the students to learn proactively from the speakers at the occasion. His speech set the tone for the session. Mr. S Hazara opened the house, by enlightening the audience about Shipping Industry. He emphasized how Shipping has been the silent, yet major driver of growth in India and abroad for ages. It has been a sector neglected by many, but he quoted that Even in your wildest imagination if you remove shipping for a week, our world will not be a place fit for living. In his speech he touched upon the success story of China, and mapped it, to the growing importance that they have given to Shipping. He ended on a positive note saying- Even in this world of price hikes, shipping is one sector that has shown profits even with reduction in freight rates, thus without further delay, India should give more importance to R&D in shipping in the coming years to maintain its sustained growth.
Mr. Mariwala, stressed on the importance of flat organization and open structure in current times in order to deal with crisis. Supported by a live example of his own company Marico & talking about its growth story, he validated the fact that a rich culture and motivated employees are the need of the hour. He said You can counterfeit a product, but you can never copy the culture wherein it is produced.   Furthermore he motivated the audience by asking them to leave the comfort of present and explore the cordons of uncertainty. He ended with Innovation is what drives business and culture is what supports it, and both need to go parallel to ensure sustained growth of the economy at large.
Mr. Vaidyanathan gave a totally different perspective of the Economic Crisis. He stated that news, internet and predictions are just ways of putting ourselves under more pressure. He quoted The world can never be dug out of crisis by giving aids and subsidies. According to him it has to be an all-encompassing effort to curb the income gap, which is only possible when all of us give our best in what we do, and try to better ourselves every minute. Finally he drove a strong message of Entrepreneurship, playing a major role in sustained growth of Indian Economy, and quoted that Statistics dont run business', therefore however bad numbers show, one must always have a positive outlook.
Finally, the youngest visionary of the evening Mr. Anshoo Gaur, CEO Amdocs enlightened the audience with his Vision 2022. While walking them through the three different ages of Technological Revolution- Telephone Age, Internet Age and the present and upcoming Intelligence Age, he mentioned about the exponential growth that Telecom has offered over the past few decades. As he made the audience witness his vision 2022, where human lives will be a part of an Adaptive environment, with sensors keeping a tab on all its activities, he exclaimed that the solution to World Crisis is Innovation in Technology. This can act as a catalyst in eradicating health problems, poverty, education needs, and ensure a pollution free sustained growth.
The event ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Ashok K Pundir, Associate Dean of Placements, NITIE. All in all, the event was truly an eye opener for many, leaving the audience a lot to take back and ponder upon.