Race against time - Life at JBIMS

 | February 20,2012 10:57 am IST

When you are at JBIMS, time flies! But it takes a true JBite to play pilot to time. And trust a true JBite to find the wackiest ways to do so.

A 7 a.m. lecture on Operations Management is actually a practical test on Operations Management. (However it only begins after one has won the battle with his/her 12th alarm clock). It is bemusing how one human can make cycle time<<operation time. That is the power of multitasking. Any Jbite can pull up both his socks with one hand and brush his teeth & hair with the other. (No, Rajnikant is not our alumnus :). At this point of time, I would really like to show my appreciation for mothers: who apart from dentists, have learnt to understand what kids with stuffed mouths are saying: mummmpfhhffy phackhh mmmmee sshhhwsss**gargle gargle**ssshhhuddyyy which means Mummy, pack more sweets today.

When you live in the suburbs or burbs and your college is in SoBo, which is South Mumbai for the uninitiated; you will discover that the fast trains love to play hard to get. No, this is not a subtle reference to coquetry. Nevertheless, these trains seem to love Murphys Laws. Even if you do catch one of these overcrowded things, it comes with a price. You have squeeze past a giant number of Mumbai armpits. And even if you are a female, and think you have it better, you always have the choice between two olfactory deaths: The fisherwomans basket or the second-class-compartments-favourite-perfume Blue Lady. I have now realised why it is called blue lady, a perfume so strong and overused it causes you to hold your breath and turn blue.

Out of the railway station, escape the dashing cars at the traffic signal. At SoBo, where the BMWs, Audis and Mercs are as fancy as their owners, these near death experiences are amusing too. Where else can you have Mr. Ratan Tatas car next to your taxi at the signal? Once in the campus, high speeds are an asset, whether to grab coffee between back to back lectures or for guys catch the empty seat next to the prettiest girl in class. Going back home is equally adventurous; a business competition throws in more fun. Synergy is more than just a piece of management jargon. A business competition is a chance for students to work together, which means less time per person :) to do the same job. We will invariably make teams that will include one data fellow, one presenter, one pusher and one entertainer. The end result: voila! A complete presentation in no time. Synergy at work!

And then there are those rare occasions, when some lecture gets cancelled. The one time you forget about time.. And enjoy the ice-cream with friends on the beautiful Marine drive promenade.
But then again, does time management really come from these humorous happenings? JBIMS does not become the CEO factory because of a few humorous happenings. There is so much more at play. The Bajaj clock is five minutes ahead of time itself, while JBIMS lies in a city whose pace outruns time. Like one of our most luminary alumni says Being on time is a matter of Attitude. Bajaj and Mumbai ensure survival of the fittest. They have ensured that the Attitude is a part of the Bajaj lineage. It is this legacy of JBIMS that one has to live up to.

All this is backed up by a few other individuals whose contributions are rarely acknowledged. The administrative staff that functions beyond government working hours or the canteen fellows who will be there even lectures get scheduled on holidays. The city has its own network too. Families that keep warm food when you get home late at night, the watchman who helps who helps you find a rickshaw at 5:30 am, or even the old dog outside the college you befriended, who brings a smile on those stressful days. All unsung heroes of the big bad city! Time management is every Bajajites forte. And could be anyones. Anyone who is willing to don that attitude, and make most of what the city offers.

So, back to the time management course. Sure I can take one and fit it in my schedule. When do you want to join it?