SIBM Bengaluru hosted the National Level Student Conference “Symposio 2014”

CoolAvenues Newswire | March 03,2014 11:26 am IST

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Bengaluru (SIBM-B) hosted its 1st National Level Student Conference “Symposio 2014” on 1st March, 2014. Symposio-2014 provided a platform for the students to showcase their intellectual insights on current management scenarios.

The theme for “Symposio 2014” was “Big Data Analytics: Transforming Businesses from Reactive to Proactive”.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen & to think what nobody else has thought”.

Big Data is the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Management in recent times is buzzing with Big Data analytics to transform data to knowledge and information to drive their business to success; “Symposio 2014” attempts to capture the spirit of Big Data and analytics through stimulating discussions to scrutinize application of analytics in the four pillars of management vis-à-vis Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations through white paper presentations and seminars by imminent speakers in the domain. Dr. Rajesh Panda, Director SIBM-B, conceptualized the event. He felt that there was a dire need for the students to dip their foot into the field of research as there were ample seminars and conferences held across the nation but none to promote research. To mark this event a grand success we had speakers who have excelled in the field of analytics and Big Data.


1) Dr. Raghava Rau – Co-founder and CEO of Big Data Analytics India Pvt. Ltd., his current area of research and interests are in Machine Learning in the context of Big Data Analytics. He gave a brief insight on data analytics and enlightened the students on the current source and applications of Big Data e.g.: patterns in consumer insights in order to take better decisions.

2) Dr. Rajaram Kudli – analytics Education and innovation Evangelist, Prajnan enterprises, he has served as a referee on the panel of IEEE transactions on systems, MAN AND CYBERNETICS. He mentioned that the real competencies lie outside classrooms and an individual should be inquisitive and arrive at an actual intelligent answer to solve today’s pressing problems. He quoted Sabeer Bhatia’s incredible journey.

Dr. Ajith Kumar, Deputy Director SIBM-B said, “analytics is the trend setter in todays’ era. It is a matter of great pride that SIBM-B has taken an initiative to host an event such as Symposio-2014 on a national level. The idea is to give the students a platform to get an insight and an opportunity to present their analysis.”

Saylee Warade, Coordinator of Student Research Committee, SIBM-B said, “Symposio 2014 is the first National level research conference based on the theme ‘Data Analytics’. It had experts from the industry to share their experience as well as graduates from leading business schools to present their papers and throw light on data analytics. It was a successful event which fostered a culture of research amongst students.”

Harsh Agarwal and Pradosh HS, participants from Great Lakes quoted, “Symposio introduced us to a different frame of thought from the regular teaching process. The concept is highly innovative and thought provoking. We look forward to attend the same next year.” 



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