Students at IIM Lucknow discover the secrets of leadership from Dr. Kiran Bedi

 | March 15,2011 06:14 pm IST

Students at IIM Lucknow were treated to a mesmerizing talk by Dr. Kiran Bedi.

Ms. Bedi addressed the student community on “Leading a Value-based Professional Life”, as part of the Workshop on Ethics, Governance and Environment.. This is the second time she has made it to the IIM Lucknow campus to share her valuable experiences.

The former IPS officer and Asian Tennis champion unleashed the secrets of leadership by sharing her beliefs on leadership. She emphasized that a leader’s success lies in being able to be enthusiastic and vibrant by habit, be it work or home. She said that breaking through the monotony in day-to-day activities is the prime driver to remain enthusiastic and excited throughout. Her Talk revolved around remaining youthful by attitudes and in responses.

She stressed the student community to keep the focus on higher purpose of life and to monitor them with regular self-audits and self-evaluation practices. On being asked about her short term and long term goals, she explained her current project, the National movement against corruption in India which aims at making fast and unified system for corruption control. She said that India lacks far behind in terms of tough anti-corruption laws.

She is currently working on a book which focuses on Gandhian ways of leadership. Talking about her work, she put special emphasis on the authenticity of the purpose which drives a human being. Quoting one of the best quotes by Gandhiji, “Ethics can be the oil of enterprise. Profit and loss can come and go but injustice cannot. It’s about reputation”, she explained the need for fearlessness, gratefulness and patience in today’s business environment.

“She invoked me to remain focused and yet enthusiastic and joyful “, said Himanshu, and first year student towards the end of the speech pretty much summing-up the mood of all those present, all thoroughly impressed and immensely motivated by the impassioned speech from Dr. Bedi.