Varchasva-Infusing a whole new festive joy into the heart of every IIM Lucknow student

 | October 04,2010 11:47 am IST

The second day of IIM Lucknow’s Pan India Cultural & Sports Festival saw the 185 acre campus bubbling with students from all across the country. While the campus is normally a quiet place of intense academic activity on other days, Varchasva seems to be infusing a whole new festive joy into the heart of every IIM Lucknow student.



The 2nd of October, celebrated the world over for the birth of the world’s ambassador for peace – Mahatma Gandhi saw IIM Lucknow students begin the day with homage to the Mahatma. An IIM Lucknow student and a staunch believer in Gandhi’s ideals, Kritika said “He is our greatest idol and no festivities on this day will begin before we pay homage to the Mahatma”. A student dressed up in the traditional Gandhi attire was the cynosure of the early morning opening to the celebrations.


The morning then unravelled with “Nukkad – The Street play” that saw teams from 11 colleges dazzle the audience with their exuberance and spontaneity. Thought provoking themes such as “Education System: How easy it is to build IITs, IIMs these days without basic infrastructure”(presented by the winning team of IET) and Indian attitude of “Chalta hai” with special focus on Commonwealth Games (LBSIM Runner-up) were some of the best seen for a long time. The event was adjudicated by Lalit Singh Pokaria and Sangam Bahugun, well known in the Lucknow theatre circle. While every team did its very best, the honours went to IET, Lucknow followed by LBSIM Delhi.



 IIM Lucknow Varchasva 2010 - Students performing during the Nukkad – The Street play

The Teams enthralled the crowd for over 4 hours and the Judges were highly impressed by the choice of themes and the energy of the participants


While this was for those who loved the lush green exteriors of the campus, there was another event of extensive body language and voice modulation that was running at feverish pace in the hallowed portals of the IIM Lucknow academic block. With more than 30 participants, the JAM event the IIM teams from Lucknow & Rohtak take the top honours.




Perhaps the most fun event of the festival is the informals. Here no one really cares about the results and it is the participation that really matters. With new and creative events conjured by the organizers, events such as 30 seconds to fame, Wrestling, Kite Flying and Mono acting stole the evening.


Given the size of the campus and the number of activities in execution, the running around would have been a fitness freak’s dream come true. Having said that one should also add that the plethora of stalls that lined the impeccable roads in the campus were a foodie’s dream come true. Be it some delectable nawabi biryani or some hot, freshly made pizzas, the stalls provided a great break.


Day 2 was summed up nicely by Anish of the core team who said “if you thought this energy was reaching a peak, let me warn you that this is just the beginning. No music lover in Lucknow should miss Day 3 of the fest! We have something very very special lined up!”