Webinar by DMS, IIT Delhi students to give new dimension to MBA Admissions

 | March 23,2012 10:21 am IST

The dynamics of B-school selection activities has been the most significant cause of the increased competition among aspirants in recent times. Times have changed drastically from when B school selections used to be unpredictable and a fight with the unknown, to the present where tonnes of material are available on internet for the prospective aspirants on patterns of questions over years, suggested readings and tips and tricks for doing the right thing on the D-Day.

The recent initiative by the students of DMS, IIT Delhi is undoubtedly going to add a new dimension to this complex environment.

The Utility of mentorship programs has always been doubted owing to the lack of time and flexibility in such interactions due to the highly demanding B-School culture of the mentors as well as the mentees, many of whom are working professionals. The Webinar session conducted by the students of DMS, IIT Delhi aimed precisely at overcoming this issue. This particular problem seemed to get accentuated in case of queries related to deeper understanding of the most pertinent topics in the current world.

The novel idea of a webinar session was hence born which would serve as a solid platform for aspirants to understand the concepts of some of the most relevant issues. The first of its kind webinar session where the aspirants shortlisted were able to get first hand in depth analysis of complex issues such as The Euro Crisis, The 2G Debacle and the implications of the Supreme Court judgement on the telecom licences. The sessions were conducted by some of the best students in the respective field of specialization and hence provided the aspirants more than a glimpse of the academic rigour at one of the best B-schools of the country. The students also were able to get first hand information on their queries related to GD-PI preparations and the process in general. The overwhelming responses from the participants stand testimony to the utility of these sessions in getting an edge in the preparations over their peers.

The session was conducted as a part of the revamped mentorship program that was dynamically different from its version in the previous years. The Admissions Committee, DMS IIT Delhi has conceptualized this as just the starting of a rigorous set of sessions to be followed even after the GD-PI interviews scheduled on the 23rd to 25th of March, 2011.These sessions would aim at further preparing the selected candidates on various aspects of B-School life that would ensue once they step into the famed halls of IIT Delhi. From case studies discussions, to presentations and to basics of business domains like Finance, Marketing and Operations these sessions aims to bring the new students in sync with the culture at the institute. The same would culminate at the most exhaustive and arduous trainings that the aspirants would have ever undergone in their career during the first 2 weeks of their joining the institute - the induction session at DMS, IIT Delhi.

The B-School entry environment will be dynamic for the foreseeable future. But initiatives such as this would surely add a lot of value to the aspirants who hope to elevate themselves from the engineers of the present day to business leaders of the future.


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