Why MBA?......

Shashank Agrawal | January 30,2014 03:15 pm IST

It is that time of the year again and the interviews are again round the corner. With one trimester down, when you have just completed the process of digesting the nuances of the system, it's time for summers and again stands up the evergreen perennial question, “WHY MBA”.

Not many of us, including me, have convinced even ourselves with the successful answer for this one, leave alone the aunts of the neighborhood back home, arguably more worried about my career than myself or anyone else in the world. There are seldom any honest answers for the same, but then, there are some, like, “Sir, I don't exactly know what do I want to do with my life but probably, I am quite good at making a sense of something out of everything” or may be “Because Sir, that seems to be the trend now and the second best thing to do, after doing engineering” or “Because Sir, the value of money may be drastically depreciating, but I still highly appreciate its power of changing my world”.

We may disagree but then, let's agree to disagree. Probably that's what they want to teach us. And yes, we have now arrived and there is no turning back. I shall not discuss here, how well we have done for ourselves by coming here and how transforming this experience is going to be. Or how these are only two years in life, we have, to prove ourselves and probably reach the top of the pyramid. Or that the race of life has just begun and there will be a 3-Idiots – Part 2 for the B-Schools' overhyped hectic life and the so called sadistic faculties.

I will share here, how I believed, the things were, earlier and how they seem to me, now. Whether it is just sheer perception or the context, the type of change is still in contest. It might amuse you, appeal you or shock you as well.

So let's begin…

I believed that I am lazy, laid back and can't do anything on time, but now I know it for sure..!

I believed that it was highly relieving to say that “Thank God, it's Friday”, but now I know that the “Thank God” part is mostly not there.

I believed that there is a right as well as a wrong in every decision you make and every step you take, but now I know “that it almost always depends”.

I believed that the postgraduates are grown up people, but now I know that no one ever really grows up. We just learn to behave in public.

I believed that I will have a secured future, but now I know that it's a “given” under some perspectives and “impossible” under some others. a funny read, but now I know that our resumes are the funniest..!

I believed that liberalism and proximity to the opposite gender are exciting, but now I know that mystery and distances are sometimes a lot more fun.


I believed that Honesty is not always the best policy and now I know that the concept is truly universal. I believed that you ought to have some relevant skills to get into a B-School and get out as well, but now I know that everybody has their own unique talents, management not always one of them.

I believed that women and sports are among the most discussed topics amongst young men, but now I know that placements and packages are way on the top.

I believed that the first impressions are NOT always the last impressions and now I know how right I was.

I believed that chivalry is a respected quality of men, but now I know that it is an antic often confused with flirting.


I believed that stupidity knows no bounds but now I know it for a fact.


I believed that there are just two sides of a coin, but now I know that the standing coin in Sholay was not a complete myth.

I believed that we can always choose between the options, but now I know that sometimes, there are just no options available, all you have is mere chance.

I believed that life is hard and needs to be taken seriously, but now I know that I can take it easy, as nobody comes out alive anyway.


I believed that the place and the people are the ones that matter, but now I know that it is always just about the people.

I believed that, walking alone, you can go miles if determined, but now I know that there is a reason that solitary confinement is a fatal punishment.

I believed that the B-School friendship don't last long, but now I know that these bonds formed through common tragedies, distaste for the same people and criticizing of the system, are there to last forever.


I believed that I needed money, fame and power, but now I know that there is much more that I need.


I believed that we are here in another stage of life to move on stronger, but now I know that I would wish to come back here every time I find a chance. 


This article was published in R-Letter - IIM Rohtak's Quarterly magazine


A musician by passion, a movie enthusiast, traveler by heart and an entrepreneur with a flair for languages, Shashank worked as a Business Analyst with Genpact and Fidelity prior to joining IIM Rohatak. Known to have a highly analytical mind he has a creative streak too which is manifested through his essays. ...