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 | October 30,2010 01:05 pm IST

Home sweet home !!! That's exactly what XL has been to me; in fact for all of us over past two years !!! you have caring people around, a sense of academic responsibility, relationships to fulfill, friendships to nurture and loads of memorable moments with every passing day. If one had any apprehensions about the so-called B-school 'attitude' or 'hawa' associated with this place, they were lost in air within no time with a very accommodative student fraternity and supporting administration to aptly take care of the day-to-day affairs.

One of those rare places where it did not really matter whether the next-door guy was an IITian top ranker, BITS Pilani stud or someone with fundu work ex of 3-4 years from a top multinational. This place never nurtured such differences and everyone was on equal ground from Day 0. If hostel life was a new thing for first timers and one had heard horror stories of engineering experiences from their friends in the vicinity, they were assimilated in the XL culture with ease. And then began a journey of two years which has left an indelible mark on our life, career, feelings.


If XL taught us how to slog for next day morning quizzes and mid-terms, end terms, it also taught us how to work religiously for 'n' number of academic and no-academic committees on campus for no CV value. Two years were all about time management when you had 100 activities to choose from while the number of hours in the day still remained 24. The first lessons of corporate discipline were learnt, not through Organizational Behavior classes, but by observing the close-knit working of different committees by mutual collaboration without harming each other's autonomy or bypassing the traditionally followed norms or hierarchies.


Where else could we have experienced the deeply cherished traditional sports rivalry of XLRI-IIMC sports meet in the true sense of India-Pakistan game spirit .The cut throat competition on the battlefield on the ground of either B-schools is just a hint of the closely fought business wars that one has to gear up for in times to come. With the never ending load of assignments, projects, quizzes and submissions, one has to be on one's feet all the time and Sunday is like any other day of the week. Day with minimum number of classes turns out to be Sunday, and with ever-changing timetables and surprise announcements of crash courses, XL takes care that every week, Sunday happens to be on different day!!!


Numerous small traditions that XL has cherished deeply over the years and passed on by every batch to next batch make it such a special place and each Xler vies to feel those traditions by coming back to the campus again and again and you still can't point out a single thing that brought you back. They say "Once an Xler, always an Xler".


The 25th year alumni meet is a true reflection of this fact when Xlers turn up from places like Canada and Hungary only for that day, for those few moments that they share with their one time batch mates'. 25 years older they might have become, Xler remains young at heart expressing the same kind of enthusiasm and zeal to connect people. To me, the most important contribution of XL has been to bring out good human being out of us and not just highly qualified professionals, which I am sure we do become after two years of academic rigor by imbibing inputs from courses and streams as diverse as strategy, human resources and information technology. They form the building blocks of a structured approach of thinking and doing things for next 35 years of corporate life.


And if you think it was only academic results that one has to deliver with no rescue from the likes of Porters and Kotlers, only an Xler can knows what it means to spend endless nights in the mess foyer over the cup of 'chai' reflecting about life's miseries, broken hearts and missed grades, and last but not the least the cheers of first A+... I am sure the never-say-die spirit of this place has become a part of all of us and will keep me reminding of the best days of my life... when I was part of Batch of 2004... XLRI, Jamshedpur...


Contributed by -
Swanand Ranade
Business Management,
Batch of 2002-04,
XLRI, Jamshedpur



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Akshat on 11/01/10 at 02:55 pm

Great article Swanand