IIM Raipur brings TEDx to Chhattisgarh

Start Date:2013-08-10
End Date:2013-08-10
Event Type:TEDx event
Venue:Hotel G T Star, Raipur
B-School Page URL:www.tedxiimraipur.com
B-School Exams List: CAT
Event Details:

IIM Raipur is honoured to present the first ever TEDx event in Chattisgarh i.e. TEDxIIMRaipur. TEDx is an independent event organised under the license obtained from the international organisation TED. TED was started in California in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and has had various speakers ranging from scientists, models, government officials, students, poets, philanthropists to CEO’s of famous organisations.

TED believes in the power of ideas changing the attitudes, lives and ultimately the world. TED organises international conferences called TEDGlobal and has media initiatives like TED Talks and TED.com. It is a platform where thinkers and doers share their experiences in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design. The speakers are achievers who try to impart values, tell a story or sow an inspiring idea. They help the world to appreciate the works that these few good Samaritans in the society take up. We at IIM Raipur are also trying to foster the spirit of ideas that change lives and are proud to announce that the first ever TEDxIIMRaipur will be hosted on 10th August 2013. The theme for the event which is to be held is ‘Thoughts, Actions and Beyond.’ Thoughts, they are the paintings of our intricate minds. They appear out of nowhere and sometimes they baffle us. We also aim at making this event an experience and give enough thoughts to last a lifetime. An active and a receptive audience will get to hear from the six speakers from different parts of the country about what they have done and achieved.

A closed audience of the students, alumni and faculty of IIM Raipur along with the important dignitaries of Raipur city will attend the event. It will be a thoughts and action packed event. For more details regarding the entire event, IIM Raipur has come up with a website for the TEDxIIMRaipur, http://www.tedxiimraipur.com

Key Speakers:
Akash Gautam

He is a Motivational Speaker, Enter-Trainer and Vocabulary Enthusiast'. Akash is well renowned across India for corporate training and motivational speeches. As a motivator and personality development trainer, he has delivered sessions in reputed educational institutions such as IIMs, IITs, NITs, IIITs, Xaviers, St. Stephens etc.

Neha Juneja

Neha Juneja has been involved in executing climate change mitigation and adaptation projects across the country. She has organized community-led projects and need-analysis consulting in a wide array of areas including agro forestry, primary energy supply and water access. She is the CEO of Greenway Grameen.

Usman Shekhani

Usman Shekhani is a grassroot level innovator who has developed a specialized device for preparing incense sticks and toothpicks. He hails from Kanker in Chattisgarh and earns his living through the repairing and sale of electronic goods.

Vishnu Tadimeti

Vishnu has been an IT and mobile technology savvy since he was very young. He is now 17 years old and currently in 12th standard. He has been with several Web, Apple and Android Developers Network trying to understand and learn the technologies.

Vijay Barse

Vijay founded the organization; Slum Soccer. Slum Soccer was registered as a Non Governmental Public Charitable Trust Organization governed by the Public Trust Act of the state of Maharashtra in 2001 under a board of directors. The organization functions with the ultimate aim of reaching out to the Indian homeless using football as a tool for social improvement and empowerment.