IIM A has released Final Placement Report 2013 as per IPRS

CoolAvenues Newswire | September 20,2013 05:18 pm IST

IIM Ahmedabad has released the reports of Final Placements for PGP, PGPABM and PGPX programmes for the year 2013, prepared as per the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). IIMA adopted the IPRS on June 18, 2011 and this is the third year the institute is providing these standardized reports.

As per the norms of the IPRS, these reports have been audited by CRISIL, an independent third-party auditor, and the final reports can be viewed on the IPRS website.

IIMA adopted the IPRS in an effort to standardize B-School Placement reports. These standards were designed to ensure that aggregate level statistics are reported while still preserving the privacy of individual-level and firm-level data. In this regard, the institute would like to thank CRISIL for their continued cooperation in helping realize our vision of transparent Placement reporting. There were two rounds of audit this year – the first in May 2013 and the second in August 2013. Mr. Anurag Jhanwar, Director - Education Grading and Executive Training at CRISIL Ltd said “The IPRS initiative is now in its third year, and with each passing year, it has evolved into a more mature process. It is worth highlighting that the recent revision of IPRS standards now enables easier categorization of data and provides a list of proofs acceptable for the audit purpose. This year’s key highlight of the IIM-A audit has been the high percentage of recruitment information available for all three programmes – PGP, PGP-ABM, and PGPX. We are pleased at our continued association with this initiative, and look forward to seeing many more institutes participating in this process, which will result in greater information dissemination to all the stakeholders.”

For the PGP programme, data in 2011 was available for 67% of total offers accepted, while in 2012 this increased to 76%. This year the IPRS reports set a new benchmark for success in terms of the number of offers for which data has been made available.

Despite a few untoward incidents such as IIMA’s Placement Office being damaged by fire in June 2013, the institute is pleased to report that data points are available for 98.9% of PGP offers, 97.8% of PGPX offers and 100% of PGP-ABM offers.

Professor Kirti Sharda, Chairperson of the Placement Committee at IIM-A said, “The IPRS (Indian Placement Reporting Standards) statistics for 2013 reveal the increased acceptance of the standard amongst the recruiter community. In this regard, IIMA wishes to explicitly thank all its recruiters for supporting IIMA in its quest to establish a standard for transparent reporting of B-School Placement data, and looks forward to similar co-operation from them in the future. As always, we are committed to providing reliable and accurate data about placements at IIM Ahmedabad.”

Shrikrishna Kotkar, PGP Student coordinator of IPRS, detailing the procedure for IPRS, said, “The process for preparing the IPRS report begins right after the Final placement process when a request is made to our recruitment partners for sharing the sector, function, location and compensation-related details of offers extended on campus. The request is supported by a strong data confidentiality clause that restricts sharing of individual and firm-level information. After the data collection process is complete, the auditing process begins in collaboration with CRISIL, a third party, and the report is subsequently made available in the public domain."

With IPRS reports providing increased transparency and reliability for Placement related data, we hope that other institutes in the country are encouraged by the support shown by the recruiters and in-turn adopt the IPRS initiative. 


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