IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2011 Cluster 3: Yes Bank largest recruiter with 11 offers

 | February 28,2011 12:30 pm IST

The third cluster of the Final Placement Process 2011 at IIM Ahmedabad kicked off yesterday with firms holding their group discussion processes. Today firms conducted interviews with students.

This Cluster had companies across cohorts such as Indian marketing, Indian financial services and advisory.


A total of 22 firms from a variety of industries like telecom, FMCG, energy and electronics participated in Cluster 3. Firms like Airtel, Axis Bank, Ernst&Young, Aircel and RPG offered roles in sales and marketing, banking, advisory and general management. Apart from these, niche roles in infrastructure financing and e-commerce were also offered. Financial services firm, Yes Bank will have 11 students joining this year. It was the largest recruiter today in terms of number of offers accepted.


The fourth Cluster will be held on 4thMarch, 2011.

Earlier, IIM Ahmedabad finished the second cluster of the final placement with cohorts such as Indian investment banks, corporate leadership programs and international FMCG firms.


The first cluster, which began February 12, had companies across four cohorts – international investment banks, global strategy consulting, global niche consulting and private equity/ venture capital, which were similar to last year.