Placement Highlights from Other Top B-schools

 | April 10,2010 07:41 am IST

ISB, Hyderabad
Placements at ISB turn truly global with 100% increase in international recruiters visiting campus. 41 new international companies visited the ISB campus for the first time and the 111 international offers are spread across 23 cities across USA, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.


The ISB has 100% lateral placements as all its students come with prior work experience. ISB witnessed unprecedented career shifts this year when 81% students made remarkable career shifts. Of the 81% career shifts, 50% were shifts both in function and industry.


The 106 strong women students at the ISB had their CTC increased three times over. Similarly, the 10 doctors admitted carved a new path and had been able to multiply their CTC over 5 times.


Four groups of students are starting new companies, four of them were founded on the ISB campus. The new ventures are spread across various industries such as Nano-technology, Financial Services, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and Contract Research.

XLRI, Jamshedpur
Placements at XLRI helped 30% of the batch change sectors where students had prior work experience. One participant opted out of the process to start his own entrepreneurial venture. XLRI plans to increase the student intake from the next batch, due to high response from industry.


FMS, Delhi
At FMS, in MBA Programme, nearly 52% of the batch opted for a career in Finance; Marketing was the next preferred choice with 26%; Consulting had 16% of the batch taking up offers, while for the IT sector, the figure stood at 6%.


At FMS, in MBA-MS Programme, Financial Services continued to be the preferred sector with 46% of the batch accepting offers in financial firms and leading banks. Consulting attracted 21% of the batch, while Marketing and IT attracted 22% and 11% of the batch respectively.


International offers for the MBA (MS) batch were made by Arthur D. Little and Sharaf Group.


This year also saw one of the students decline a plum offer from the coveted Tata Administrative Services (TAS) to form her own venture called Another student opted out of the placements to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur. He has presently taken complete control of Delhi operations of PT Education.




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