I enjoyed these two months: Summer Experience of IIT Kanpur student

 | July 31,2012 12:18 pm IST

First year at IIT Kanpur (MBA) concluded with an internship opportunity at Anand Group in Supply Chain Domain.

First day was great at BEHR India, Pune (Anand Group Company).

It all started with an interaction with HR. She discussed about the company, expectations from me as an intern etc. Then after breakfast (which was really awesome) I met my reporting manager Mr. Joy Panda, Head, SCM. He was very supportive right since starting. He gave me one week & asked the production head to allow me to visit the production lines, dock area, warehouse & study the current scenario at company.

So finally I started with visits to the shop floor (HVAC & Engine cooling components manufacturing), interacting with the heads of various departments, about the product, about the problems company faced. It was really great to interact with them. It was like I was a part of the organization for long.


Tarun Goel, IIT Kanpur

In one week I collected a lot of data & I had to present him my first week work as: best practices, improvements required, Missing Links. Microsoft office is the best friend of an MBA student. Luckily, presentation went awesome & my manager was happy with the progress.


The main problems (missing links) defined were:
1)Downtime at Production line due to excessive time taken in line feeding.


Line feeding-Supplying Child parts from the warehouse to the production/Assembly line.


2)Number of bins moving into the Behr India from the suppliers was not equal to the number of bins moving out back to the suppliers.

Based on the missing links described by me he finally assigned me the projects on which I was supposed to work.
1) Warehouse Sectioning Management
2) Empty Bins & Gibbos Management


His exact words were 'I am banking on you, I have some plans for the company Supply chain & I want you to work on it & implement it'.

While pursuing MBA I always dreamed about Air conditioning chambers, ordering people under me, etc. But after joining the company I learnt the reality. I was working at the stores & dock area near production line (thanks to the Pune weather, I enjoyed working at shop floor).

The project Methodology involved:
1)Material Flow
2)Information Flow
3)Procedure for handling & dispatch of material
4)Pilot Implementation
5)Total Implementation

I studied the possible causes & advised them about the warehouse sectioning thing. It was a great task to do as it involved SAP too. After a deep study company finally accepted my proposal & allowed me to execute the same. I started to work on this project & by the end of one month I was able to do hell lot of work on the same. I designed the layout for the same & implemented the plan at warehouse & SAP.


Now for the second project, I prepared many layouts (kudos to our Production & Operations Management lessons @ IIT Kanpur) right from the shop floor to dock area (loading & unloading).

As time progressed I was told about the visit of the Head HR, Anand Group to the company for our final presentation. It was really great to know that company showed immense faith & interest in me. I gave him the final presentation of the work I did. He was really happy to see the work done by me.


Besides work it was great working at the place. Besides good stipend (my semester fee along with other expenses) I was given bus pass to travel to the company & also food including breakfast, lunch, snacks. Besides all this interesting thing was the uniform which they provided me to wear at office as I was like a part of the company. I was part of all the meetings happened weekly in the company & was always encouraged to speak & give ideas in the meeting. Besides that as per my orientation towards finance I always met finance department people to know about the financial work at the companies.


The only thing is missed is the cool AC chamber in which I used to work prior to MBA as an engineer. But in all I had an awesome time applying the theoretical knowledge I learnt at IIT in the company.


I enjoyed these two months away from scorching heat of Delhi & am looking forward for PPO/PPI opportunity at the company.