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IIT, Roorkee to Present Cognizance Innovation Awards

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IIT, Roorkee to Present Cognizance Innovation Awards
"Technovating India"
On March 26th-28th, 2010

Cognizance, the annual technical festival of IIT Roorkee, has always catered to creating something new for the benefit of the world. We believe that giving proper direction and a suitable platform to people with inventive inclination, is a sure way to develop as well as infuse the spirit of innovation in society.

So, in its latest edition, Cognizance-2010 (March 26-28), with an inspiring theme of Technovating India, presents "Cognizance Innovation Awards", where we try and identify the best innovators from across the country. The primary focus of Cognizance Innovation Awards will be on Inventions originating from Science and Technology, but they may also be in the form of processes, products and applications from varied fields such as medicine, agriculture, mechanical/electronic/chemical technology, IT products or rather from virtually anything under the sun.

Innovations of shortlisted participants will be showcased during Cognizance-2010, thus giving them an excellent platform to present their achievements. The selection of the innovations to be showcased will be done through a panel of experts drawn from various application areas. They may also decide to work with the select innovators to fine tune their invention. The innovator can benefit from peer recognition, and the winning participant will be assisted in obtaining funding fromTEPP and National Innovation Foundation.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Innovators from all fields, irrespective of their educational qualifications, age group or affiliations to any organizations are welcome to submit their entry. You can submit more than one innovation.
  2. Your entry may be a process, product, design, method, application or even a business model or a model of social entrepreneurship.
  3. Constraints -
    • Innovation must be a truly novel idea.
    • Must be based on the application of science / technology
    • The idea/process/product application should be accompanied by a detailed technology report which may have technical specification or engineering diagrams.
    • The total cost of implementation must not initially exceed Rs. 1.5 lacs.
  4. Throughout the selection and presentation process, you may maintain a level of secrecy as desired by you, or as necessary by the IPR process you are following.
  5. Send your entries to
  6. Clearly mention the following in your entry:

    • Name
    • Institution/Organization
    • Contact Address
    • Phone Number
    • E-mail id.

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