Dressing to Impress and Depress

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"So where does your clothes fall in the rating scale, Miss?" asked the B-school Prof. His eyes would have made a crocodile proud. So very smug - knowing that the victim had entered deep waters. The victim looked at the scale she read as below: ELEGANT, VIVACIOUS, FASHIONABLE, INCONSPICUOUS, PLAIN,...Continue Reading

10 Mantras for a happy life

By Vinutha Raju On 22 Feb 2014 02:01 0 Comments
Magazines and newspapers are full of 10 best exercises, 10 best make-up regimes, 10 best stress buster foods etc. Many celebrities and quasi celebrities give their list of must have or must dos. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have their own bucket list. Catch the movie “Bucket List” over the...Continue Reading

Call of the Grey Matter

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From Just A Short Decade Ago

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Chat Abbreviations

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Are you sleeping with your Smartphone?

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Mall Mania

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Anger: To Control or To Learn

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