5 things you must carry on an interview

 | June 28,2012 03:50 pm IST

Interview is your first chance to leave impression on the prospective employer. It is both nerve-wrecking and daunting.

It is like your first chance to make or break, to leave first impression or face the consequences.


The only rescue to the fear of failure during an interview is preparednessnot only in terms of how well you are dresses, or how well you have studied the company.


Here is a list of five things you must carry on an interview:

1. Updated resume
You may wonder why to carry resume on an interview, as you have already forwarded it when you applied for the job. Carrying a copy along will not leave you dumb-sighed if asked for. Make sure to use good quality paper and print quality shouldnt look like it was the last print taken when cartridge needed a refill.


Do additional research on the company and the job profile you have applied to. Add skills related to the company and the profile in your CV.


2. Cover letter
Include a cover letter with your resume. If possible, find out the name and title of the person with whom you will be interviewing and customize your inside address and salutation. Create a fresh, short introductory message that emphasizes your passion and areas of interest, plus what you can bring to the table.


3. References
Having references is good when you are going for the first job interview. Assess your performance at the end of the job interview and hand over the references accordingly. Make sure that the references are relevant and up-to-date and that they are aware you are interviewing.


4. Plan Strategically
If possible, arrive at interview with a strategic plan. You have done enough research about the company and its businessthus come up with suggestions that may help company grow. Such initiatives are what make employers happy and they feel that you are willing to get involved with the business of the company.


5. Portfolio
People in sales and creative fields can flaunt their portfolio to impress the employer. If in sales, you may carry testimonials from your clients, bosses, colleagues and vendors. Carrying clear, colorful graphs that illustrate your sales results is a great thing to get noticed during an interview.


Remember this is your first and last chance at this interviewuse it or fuse itit is up to you. Though having these five things done may not make sure your chances to get the job, but this certainly will not let you look like a looser.