7 Things you should avoid at work

 | June 04,2012 11:00 am IST

Most of us practice certain things in office without even knowing that we are at fault and this might ruin our reputation. Every office has its set of rulesdos and donts, but then there are certain donts that one should take care of.


Here is a list of general things that one must avoid at work:

1. Sneaking into someones laptop/ desktop
I am sure you must have smiled at this one knowing that you too have been doing the same. But this is something too annoying when someone peeps into his colleagues laptop screen. Thus make sure you do not become that annoying person in the office.


2. Walk around like you own the place
Confidence is good, but being overconfident is a sin. Some people pretend to be too superior; they walk around in office like they own the place. Smartness is admirable but over-smartness can ruin your image in office.


3. Being loud
Imagine you are working in office with full concentration and suddenly the guy or gal next to you, who is chatting up with someone on phone bursts into laughter how irritating, isnt it.

Make sure you are not this irritating creature in office. Try to keep your voice level in check, avoid loud music inside office. Talk softly yet be audible.


4. Chatter box
We know that you love to do this but how tempting it may be you shouldnt indulge in the habit of gossiping around in office. You may never know this might go against you.


5. Stealing
Stealing office stationery: a pen, A4 size papers, folder or even taking printouts of documents not related to your work is so cheap. If caught, it counts to hell lot of embarrassment in front of your colleagues.


6. Lie/ Blame others
Do not lie or shift blame of your wrong doings on others. Doing so will not only put your reputation at stake but your job too.


7. Share your personal problems
Everyone has some or other challenges in life, but bringing those challenges from home to office is not a great idea. How close you are to your next desk colleague in office, do not share personal issues with them.


Avoid these general donts at work to stay in office good books.