B-school Specializations & Career Opportunities

 | September 06,2013 06:27 pm IST

Background required - Engineers and people with a technical background are preferred.

The IT Sector after consolidation and restructuring is back on track with a huge demand for software professionals and Systems Managers.

For MBAs specializing in Systems, the job market is thriving. There are broadly four career options in this field: -
•Systems Consultancy
•Business Development / Sales & Marketing
•Account Management / Project Management
•Systems Departments of Organizations

Systems Consultancies recruit MBAs for their teams providing consultancy to client organizations. Organizations specializing in hardware / software solutions recruit MBAs for Business Development and Sales & Marketing functions.

Information Technology being an integral part of every business today, organizations require managers for their Systems Departments. Thus, prior knowledge or experience in computers or engineering is not necessary in order to specialize in Systems.

Background required - If you have a computer science or software background, an ability to see the larger picture and an analytical bent of mind, you could opt for this specialization. In the role of a Systems Manager, you could either be using technology to support or improve efficiencies or to monitor other functions, like sales, customer service, accounts, etc. The different sub-specializations in this field are: -
•Project Management in an IT firm
•Systems Consulting
•Systems Management in a Non-IT firm

The different specializations we have looked at are not watertight and your role as a fresh MBA would almost certainly be an overlap of two or more specializations or sub-specializations. As you move higher up the echelons of corporate life, the distinctions would get even more blurred.

In the final analysis, people from all backgrounds are welcome in the corporate milieu, but those with a technical background have a definite edge. In any case, you must choose your specializations with utmost care, for this choice will define your career path in the years to come.

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